These Companies Are Trying To Sell You Self-Care — Here’s How To Love Yourself for Free

"Self-care" simply means everything you do to promote your own well-being, and although self-care practice has been around for decades, the term has only really become mainstream in recent years.
As soon as something becomes popular, companies naturally appear and try to take advantage of the trend. But many of the self-care products and services that wellness companies sell are actually things that you can get for free.
Last updated: March 19, 2020
Headspace meditation app
Cost: $ 12.99 a month or $ 95.88 a year
Meditation has been attributed to relieving stress and improving sleep, focus, and relationships. The Headspace app offers a free basic course that teaches you the basics of meditation. To access the actual meditations, however, you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to the self-catering company.
Free alternative: Insight Timer App
With the Insight Timer app you have free access to almost 14,000 guided meditations by over 2,900 meditation teachers. The free self-care app was downloaded by 5.5 million meditators and registers with around 10,000 users every day.
The five-minute diary
Cost: $ 22.95
According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journaling can have mental health benefits such as: B. contribute to coping with anxiety, relieving stress and dealing with depression. And journaling as a form of thanking offers additional benefits, including improving physical health, relationships, and self-esteem, according to Psychology Today.
These are the concepts behind The Five Minute Journal that encourage you to take time each morning and evening to write down what you are thankful for and what you can improve. According to the journal's website, "Thousands who use the journal are luckier, have better relationships, and have become more optimistic."
Free alternative: Use an existing diary / notebook
You don't have to buy the official five-minute journal daily to create a journal. Reuse a diary or notebook that you already have as a gratitude journal and start and end each day by writing down what you are grateful for and what hopes you have for the day ahead.
YogaWorks Yoga membership
Cost: $ 125 for a monthly membership
Yoga combines physical activity with meditation and regular practice, according to Harvard Health Publishing, can offer a number of health benefits, including improved body image, positive eating habits, weight loss, improved fitness, and improved cardiovascular health.
However, if you join a yoga studio like YogaWorks, it can really affect your wallet. The Hollywood location in Los Angeles costs $ 25 for a single class or $ 110 for a monthly membership.
Free alternative: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube
You can access full-length yoga routines for free on YouTube that you can do at home anytime. Popular YouTube account Yoga With Adriene offers a variety of yoga classes, from a 15-minute sunrise yoga routine to a 40-minute strength and endurance routine.
Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleep Mask
Cost: $ 45
Putting on a face mask not only improves your skin, but also your mental health.
"When you do skin care, you're usually alone, in your bathroom, or in a quiet place, and it's just you and the mirror," said dermatologist Rena Jogi to the Huffington Post. "It's meditative to just sit there and take those 10 minutes just for you."
The popular Korean beauty brand Glow Recipe has an avocado melt sleeping mask as part of its product line, which promises to deeply moisturize the skin overnight.
Free alternative: DIY Hydrating Avocado Mask
You don't have to pay $ 45 for a glass of product if you can easily make a moisturizing avocado mask at home with ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Combine half of a ripe avocado - pureed until soft - with a teaspoon of plain yogurt and a teaspoon of honey to get a mask that offers the same benefits from a Self recipe.
Spirit Junkie Daily Affirmations app
Cost: $ 1.99
The idea behind positive affirmations is that the statement can program your mind to believe that its feeling is true, according to Psychology Today. Starting or ending the day with confirmation can be a simple form of mental self-care.
The Spirit Junkie app gives you a new confirmation every day that you can save or share, but you have to pay for.
Free alternative: Shine app
Shine is a self-care app that sends you a daily Shine text with advice to help you manage the day. These daily tips for self-care are free. However, you can update your account to get access to the app's Shine Talk meditations. The lectures cost $ 9.99 a month or $ 53.99 a year.
BluePrint Lemon Reset
Cost: $ 65 for a six-pack
Self-care and wellness go hand in hand, and juicing has become a popular part of the movement.
The BluePrint Lemon Reset drink contains water, lemon juice, agave syrup and cayenne pepper and is marketed as an option to "press the reset button". According to a blog post by wellness expert Dr. Mona Vand are the benefits of the ingredients of this drink strengthening the immune system, cleaning the liver, alkalizing and losing weight.
Free alternative: DIY lemon and cayenne water
The cost of a bottle of the BluePrint drink is around $ 11, but you can make your own detox water with things you probably already have at home. Simply add the lemon juice from a lemon and a dash of cayenne to an 8-ounce glass of water, and you'll get the same benefits as the store-bought drink. You can also add stevia for the sweetness.
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