These tiny $17,500 prefab 'urban escape pods' from former Tesla and SpaceX designers are now available to preorder

Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
Jupe sells tiny pre-built portable shelters.
The 111-square-foot pods were designed by former Tesla, Airbnb, and SpaceX employees.
They cost $ 17,500 and orders will start filling in March.
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Little startup Jupe has just released new pictures of its science-fiction-inspired portable shelters, or "cosmos-inspired urban escape pods," which are now available for pre-order.
The company was founded by Jeff Wilson, a former IBM project manager known for living in a dumpster for a year and later creating the tiny Kasita house. With designers from Tesla, SpaceX, and Airbnb, Jupe is a portable prefabricated home protector that can be used almost anywhere. Individual owners can take their tokens for COVID-safe getaways to remote locations, or Airbnb hosts can add additional units to properties in high demand.
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"The desire to get out of the cities we've seen for the past decade and the acceleration of that trend during the pandemic have exhausted the inventory of short-term stays for those who want to experience the great outdoors," Wilson said in a statement. "In addition, the recent success of the initial public offerings in this space and the need to stay off the charts makes the timing impeccable for short-term products like Jupe."
Jupe is available for pre-order now for $ 99. The total cost is $ 17,500. The company notes that the price is only about one-fifth the price of an average Airstream RV. Jupe will manufacture the units in its 10,000-square-foot facility in Los Angeles and start filling orders in March 2021.
Check out the tiny prefabricated house here.
Jupe consists of interconnected aluminum masts that support the geometric shape, which is reminiscent of an "interstellar shuttle".
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
The sides are made of fireproof canvas while the floor is made of wooden tiles.
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
Jupe designers said the structure was conceived as a "work of art rather than a simple apartment".
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
Although it's only 30 square feet, Jupe feels surprisingly spacious with 11-foot ceilings. There is enough space for a queen-size bed, desk, chair and ottoman.
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
The floor also opens up to storage cubes totaling over 38 cubic feet of storage space.
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
The front window can open to a wide panorama to enjoy the view.
Jupe urban escape capsule. Jeff Wilson
Each unit has solar panels, a 200 Ah battery system and a WiFi router with the option of adding dimmable LED lighting and a Sonos speaker with Alexa.
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
The Jupe can be packed flat on the base frame for easy transport.
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
Thanks to solar energy and batteries, it can be reassembled anywhere, even outside the power grid.
Jupe urban escape capsule. Sam Gezari
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