These trail cam wild boars live in Texas, and they can stay there

March 1 - I had quite a shock earlier this week when I opened an email and stared at trail camera photos of wild boars.
Even as a writer, like the rest of you, I look at photos first and actually read the description later. Fortunately, the photos Mike Terrill sent came from Texas.
I say "lucky" because from what I've heard we don't have wild boars here in Maine. And that's good.
I contacted the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and wildlife biologist Kendall Marden confirmed my belief: We are clear for now. But state officials are always on the lookout for wild or wild pigs.
"We don't have them here. Many jurisdictions, including Maine, are concerned about their presence because they cause significant damage in the wild," Marden said. "They bare wetlands and crops and will hunt bird nests and small fawns. They wreak havoc on the ecology of an area."
In the photos you can see a feeder in the background. Terrill said it shouldn't pull the boars.
"It's mostly for the deer. It's legal to have a feeder here in Texas," Terrill said. "Texas has a massive pig problem. These two boars show up almost every night in the middle of the night, each weighing [over] 350 pounds. I'll either catch them or have to shoot them at some point. They root it all and [are] very destructive . "
Do you have a trail camera photo or video to share? Send it to and let us know that I agree to the BDN with my photo. To prevent neighbors from dropping in to tag particularly large bucks, elk, or bears, some identities and cities of origin can be omitted.
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