These tricky Halloween-themed puzzles are stumping the internet — see if you can solve them all

Can you solve these puzzles? Courtesy 247 Blinds, Gergely Dudás, and Ace Sheds
These four Halloween puzzles challenge readers to find hidden objects in spooky scenes.
Can you find the ghost on a picture of a haunted house in less than 90 seconds?
Can you find the hidden jack-o-lantern in a tricky pumpkin patch in less than a minute?
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Halloween is just around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate than with tricky games.
Whether you find the hidden jack-o-lantern or the witch's broom, these tricky puzzles will keep you squirming, especially if you run around the clock.
Try these four puzzles that amaze - and terrify - people online.
A ghost is hiding in this haunted house. How fast can you find it
Where is the ghost? Courtesy of Zoopla
Zoopla challenges readers to find the hidden mind. According to the company, it takes the average person 90 seconds to find the ghost.
Do you think you can solve it faster?
Where is the spirit hiding?
You can find the answer in the next picture.
If you look carefully you can see that the ghost is hiding behind the house.
The ghost is circled in red. Courtesy of Zoopla
The witch, werewolf, skeletons and mummies were easy to find, but the ghost hid behind the house and merged with the moon.
There is a witch's broom hidden in this collage of pumpkins and farm tools. Can you find it
Where's the witch's broomstick? Courtesy Ace Sheds
Ace Sheds hid a witch's broom in this puzzle, but how fast can you find it? The record to beat is 45 seconds, but it took some people over 5 minutes, according to the company.
Did you spot the broomstick?
Look carefully and you might find it.
The next picture shows the answer.
If you've ignored the large, colorful objects, you may have noticed that the broomstick is hiding in the background.
The broom is circled in red. Courtesy Ace Sheds
The broomstick blends in with the dark green background.
A jack-o'-lantern is hidden in this puzzle. Do you think you can spot it faster than the average person?
Where's the Jack O Lantern? Courtesy of 247 blinds
247 Blinds designed a puzzle that challenges readers to find a jack-o-lantern in a sea of ​​pumpkins and autumn leaves. The company said it takes an average of a minute to find it.
Give it a try and see if you can beat this time.
Where is it hiding?
The jack-o-lantern was hiding at the bottom of the pumpkin patch.
The jack-o-lantern is circled in white. Courtesy of 247 blinds
If you look carefully and ignore the tricky coloring, you can see that a smiley face is carved into the pumpkin.
In an artist's illustration, a star is hidden in a sea of ​​jack-o-lanterns. How fast can you find it
Where is the star? Gergely Dudás / Dudolf
Gergely Dudás created this illustration that challenges readers to find the hidden star.
Do you think you can find the star?
Where is it hiding?
See the next picture for the answer.
It may look like another pumpkin eye or mouth, but the star is hidden in sight.
The star is highlighted. Gergely Dudás / Dudolf
The star is in the lower left corner of this tricky picture.
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