'They analysed his soul' - Alien abduction blamed for ex-Boca star missing training

Over the years, footballers have used countless excuses to explain late performances at training sessions - but Guillermo Marino's claim that his soul was removed on the way to training from extraterrestrials certainly sets a new standard for players everywhere.
Marino got through the ranks at Newells Old Boys in Rosario and also enjoyed two short spells at Boca Juniors, but the ex-midfielder's most successful spell came in Chile.
As a member of Jorge Sampaoli's Universidad de Chile, he won three Primera Division titles and the 2011 Copa Sudamericana title, including current Leverkusen star Charles Aranguiz, Chilean striker Eduardo Vargas and other Roja Stalwarts Marcelo Diaz and Eugenio Mena, now in the Argentine Racing Club.
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However, the magic of the player in Santiago was not without incidents. Ex-teammate Gustavo Lorenzetti said that a close encounter with little green men once held him up for one of Sampaoli's meetings.
"Guillermo says he was late for training because he was kidnapped by aliens," revealed Lorenzetti Lado B.
"He gave us the entire explanation of what he felt and the rest of it.
"There are cases when the player says, 'I left and came back two days later because I was kidnapped by aliens'. But Guille is not such a player. Guille was a very decent guy. Everyone knows him."
Marino continued to report vividly about his kidnapping, leaving his teammates in no doubt that he was telling the truth.
"He started to explain that he was suddenly lost and kidnapped by aliens," continued Lorenzetti.
"He explained that they take your soul out, analyze it and take care of you all the time on the trip. He said something like that.
"Honestly, I believe in extraterrestrials. He gave a great explanation and we have to believe him. So other types of channels have to call him so that he can say it better. But definitely: he was kidnapped by extraterrestrials.
"I don't know if Guille [Sampaoli] honestly told the same story. You must have talked about it afterwards. But if he knows Guille, I think he believed him. What can you say? It's worth Discovery Channel or something. "

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