'They can't sit calmly in Tehran': Israel vows to retaliate against Iran if US won’t

Israel will take revenge against an alleged Iranian attack on an oil tanker in the Arabian Sea - and if necessary unilaterally, according to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.
"You can't sit quietly in Tehran while igniting the entire Middle East - that's over," Bennett said Tuesday at a meeting with military officials in northern Israel. "We are working to win the whole world, but when the time comes we will know how to act alone."
US and UK accuse Iran of drone attack on oil tankers
Bennett's testimony seems to increase the likelihood of a high-profile clash between Israel and Iran, a development of domestic and diplomatic significance. Foreign Secretary Antony Blinken has promised a "collective response" to the incident in which two civilians were killed - one from the UK and another from Romania.
"We join the Allies in condemning the most recent deadly attack on MV Mercer Street off the coast of Oman and express our condolences to Romania and Great Britain for the losses suffered," a NATO spokesman said on Tuesday. “Freedom of navigation is vital to all NATO allies and must be upheld in accordance with international law. The United Kingdom, the United States and Romania have concluded that there is a high probability that Iran is responsible for this incident. The allies remain concerned about Iran's destabilizing actions in the region and urge Tehran to honor its international commitments. "
Still, opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who Bennett deposed in June, accuses Bennett of running the risk of President Joe Biden's administration sabotaging an Israeli attack.
"The information that is being sent to America could be leaked to major media and that way our operations will be thwarted," Netanyahu told Israeli lawmakers. "This is an existential issue for Israel, where there can be surprises and sometimes surprises are necessary."
Bennett leads a fragile coalition with a narrow majority. As a right-wing leader, backed by some of the same lawmakers who are most likely sympathetic to Netanyahu's criticism, he may feel a political need to bolster his security references.
"Iran knows the price we ask if someone threatens our security," said Bennett.
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