"They Don't Know What Work Actually Means": 17 Times Older Generations Had No Faith In The Gen Z Workforce

Last month, a manager at a Dollar Tree store in Indiana put a sign on the store's door that read: "I apologize for the closure AGAIN. My two new cashiers quit because I said their friends couldn't stand their entire shift!! Don't hire Gen Zs. They don't know what work actually means. JOIN NOW! Baby Boomers ONLY. Thanks!"
Proud of Gen Z by Antiwork
As you can imagine, this sparked quite a debate about Gen Z in the workforce and how their work ethic compares to other generations. While many people praised the generation and their special talents...
... There was still an overwhelming amount of negativity from Millennials, Gen X'ers ​​and Boomers on the subject. Here's what 16 people had to say about hiring Gen Z on Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms:
1. "I want them to be a little more aggressive and interested in taking on more responsibility. I also want them to be more risk-averse about things. When I showed up, the complaint was that millennials were always demanding too much responsibility and influence too soon. Now I have the opposite problem with Gen Z workers, having to kick and yell at them to take over processes of their own or do things they're not very familiar with."
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Gen Z and Millennials are ruining this country! How dare they from ABoringDystopia
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"Gen Z workers are demanding bosses be decent people" by Antiwork
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