They’re Building a Hotel in Space Beginning in 2025

Once the COVID-19 crisis is properly behind us, the travel industry will undoubtedly see a boom. People who use airplanes will surely reconnect with their paused passion for jet setting. And if you are plagued with wanderlust, you may already be considering your first post-pandemic destination. Paris! London! Westview, New Jersey! Maybe even in a place that wasn't inspired by the last year of television! Or maybe go the extra mile (or an extra 250 miles straight up) and visit the first ever space hotel.
The Gateway Foundation and Orbital Assembly Corporation are working on the first ever commercial space station, according to a recent report on (the leading agency on all hotel-related issues). The alien cruise ship known as Voyager Station will be in the shape of a huge rotating circle. (The rotation was supposed to maintain the artificial gravity the degree of which we might experience on the moon.) OAS has a team of NASA veterinarians assigned to the project. It is currently planned that construction could start as early as 2025.
Promotional image of Voyager Station, a rotating circular space station for commercial use.
The Gateway Foundation
The Voyager promises enough hotel rooms for 400 guests as well as a number of other accommodations. The Daily Mail lists restaurants, bars, spas, gyms and cinemas as scheduled features. (We have to imagine that they won't be showing Gravity ... or Alien ... or 2001: A Space Odyssey ... or The Andromeda Strain. In all honesty, it might really be best if they only stick to strictly earthbound films, and guests' peace of mind. )
While the main structure will primarily devote its properties to luxury living, exterior compartments will serve other functions. Some will host basic site maintenance needs, such as crew and supplies; others can allocate space for research purposes to NASA and the European Space Agency; In addition, it could still be rented to private users, companies or governments.
For more information on the Voyager project, see the following video that Gateway released in February.
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