They were at Panda Express in a Florida mall. Then came the punches and flying chair

A trip to get Chinese take away food turned violent Tuesday in Naples, Florida.
According to a police report from the Collier County Sheriff's Office, officials from the Naples Police Department responded to a call for a "fight in progress" in the Coastland Center Mall food court at around 4:00 pm.
Bruce Edward Gordon, 37, told officers the juvenile victim walked up to him without provocation in line on the Panda Express and referred to him as a "b ----" before throwing a cup of water on his shirt.
He started a fight at Chick-Fil-A-Pass, Florida police say. Things escalated.
The Naples resident said he then turned around and hit the girl several times in "self-defense" before the girl's brother hit him with a chair.
A witness who corresponded to both the suspect and the victim had an entirely different report: Abdiel Martin told officials the girl asked Gordon to leave her alone after he complained that he did not stop flirting with her.
Gordon then got "angry" and called the girl a "b ----" before walking to his table.
While the parties were separated, the witness said Gordon then returned to the victim and "slapped her face several times until she passed out and then stepped on her when she was lying on the floor and did not move". said the report.
A Big Lots shoplifter was able to evade the police for hours. She was hiding in an unlikely place.
Martin said Gordon kept stamping on the victim until her brother threw a chair on him. Gordon then gathered his things and left the area with the security of the mall in tow.
Paramedics treated the victim in his mall for a cut on the forehead, "a large lump on the back of the head and multiple bruises on the chin and lip".
She was taken to the Naples Community Hospital North and treated for a "major concussion" and other "multiple injuries".
Gordon remained in custody in Collier County Jail on Friday over a battery charge.
According to Collier County Court records showing the victim received an injunction against Gordon, the charges were brought against a previous conviction of the battery of a crime.
A court date is November 2nd.

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