This $15 facial oil with 21,000 reviews is a must-have for tackling dry winter skin

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Amazon buyers can't get enough of this $ 15 organic jojoba oil.
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When it comes to favorite iconic beauty products, Amazon may not be the first retailer that comes to mind to buy them. But surprisingly, they actually offer hundreds of top-notch beauty products that you might just want to add to your beauty routine.
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Our newest discovery? Cliganics Organic Jojoba Oil, a cold-pressed, multi-purpose oil with thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied buyers.
Cliganics organic jojoba oil
Cliganic organic jojoba oil. Image via Amazon.
SHOP IT: Amazon, from $ 15
What is it?
It comes from the nut of the jojoba plant, a perennial that thrives in the North American deserts. It is a beauty promoting oil that is rich in vitamins A, E, and D, as well as fatty acids and antioxidants.
With a consistency similar to the oils naturally produced in your skin, jojoba oil is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy feeling. This makes it an ideal choice as a lightweight moisturizer that can be used all year round. Jojoba oil is inherently antibacterial and non-comedogenic, which means it is safe to use on acne-prone skin and will not clog pores.
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Jojoba oil is a versatile oil that can be used for everything from removing makeup to taking care of dry scalp. It is a top choice for your skin care routine.
Why buyers love it
This affordable beauty oil has built an impressive reputation online, earning a 4.7-star rating out of more than 21,000 reviews worldwide. The USDA Organic certified oil has impressed its fans with its emollient and moisturizing properties and its unbeatable price-performance ratio.
“It was a very cold winter and no moisturizer was on my face. I did research on oils and decided to try jojoba oil. After a day or two, my skin felt a million times better! “Said one reviewer. “Make sure you apply it to damp skin or it won't work as well. You can even use it before you even apply makeup - use a few drops and let it soak into your skin. This makes the makeup look a lot smoother. "
Cliganic organic jojoba oil. Image via Amazon.
“That is very worth the small price I paid for this product! My nails are very brittle from gel manicure and I am almost certain that this oil single-handedly repaired my nails, ”added another. “After the daily application of oil, they are no longer brittle or cracked. I apply the oil and rub it into each bed of nails and it soaks in pretty well. "
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While some reviewers found they loved the convenience of the glass dropper that is used to dispense the oil, others have found they are not a fan of the method.
“Seems to be a good oil, it sinks and doesn't shine. I use this morning and night. My only criticism is the bottle dispenser, ”said one reviewer. "It's a glass pipette and drips the moment it is removed from the bottle. It would be much better if there was a pump dispenser."
The judgment
At just $ 15, this versatile beauty oil is a great addition to your skin care routine. Whether you're looking for a gentle makeup remover, a light moisturizer, or a nourishing hair oil, this little bottle does it all.
With a light, nutty scent, it is ideal as a carrier oil for the scent and is suitable for all skin types. As with any new skin care product, be sure to do the test in a small space before incorporating the Cliganic Organic Jojoba Oil into your skin care routine.
The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.
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These natural face masks are inspired by your favorite holiday cakes
If you can't get enough cake this holiday season, you're in luck. We've designed a complete beauty regimen to help rejuvenate your skin, inspired by the big three: pecan pie, apple pie and pumpkin pie. Each face mask uses natural properties to exfoliate, tone, brighten, and moisturize your skin. Take a break from harsh chemicals and let the cake be your guide. Who said dessert couldn't give you better skin? Exfoliating Pecan Pie Mask by Mona Zavosh Ingredients 3 tablespoons of pecan pieces 4 1/2 tablespoons of brown sugar 4 tablespoons of pure jojoba oil 15 drops of Frankincense essential oil 4 ounce mason jar, for storage Instructions Place the pecan pieces in a food processor or blender and pulse a few times . You want a coarse grind, not a fine powder. Transfer the pecans to a small mixing bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix to combine. Pour into the prepared mason jar. Apply the scrub to your face and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Enjoy the feeling of your rejuvenated skin. Information Category Desserts Yield 4 ounces cooking time 10 minutes Average (votes): Print recipe Toning Apple Pie Mask by Megan Lutz Ingredients 1/2 apple, core and seeds removed 1 egg white 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt InstructionsRemove the core and seeds from the apple. Put the apple and the remaining ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Apply to the face and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Information Category Desserts Yield 10 servings Cooking time 10 minutes Average (votes): Print recipe Moisturizing Pumpkin Pie Mask by Jaime Richards Ingredients 1/4 cup fresh pumpkin puree 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil Preparation Mix all ingredients and apply on face. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Average (votes): Print recipe

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