This 2021 BMW M4 Competition can be yours if you enter today

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No matter what you think of its front-end look, the BMW M4 Competition 2021 is a performance monster with over 500 horsepower, a top speed of 180 mph and a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds. The one that Omaze is giving away also comes with $ 20,000 in cash, plus taxes and delivery charges.
Win a BMW M4 Competition Coupe and $ 20,000
This is what we said on our first drive over the BMW M4 prototype:
“Inside, the M3 and M4 mirror the regular 3 and 4 Series, but the front seats offer much more lateral support, the steering wheel is ultra-grippy and the instruments are M-specific. The rear armrest, which is standard on the regular 3 Series, is gone on the M3, presumably to save a few pounds.
“After a few laps in the M4 of the previous generation, we drive a new M3 to the Sachsenring racetrack and let the drive and chassis take their toll. The engine ignites with a bark and it revs up freely without dropping to well over 7,000 rpm. The gearbox is an absolute pleasure, and the in-line six-cylinder powers these new BMW models with aplomb. With a top speed of 255 mph, a limit that can optionally be raised to 180 mph, this is going to be a real highway biker. Official data isn't there yet, but zero to 60 mph will likely be well under 4 seconds.
“The steering is precise and predictable, and there is virtually no understeer. These cars love to be steered with the rear axle and there are three modes that should satisfy every driver: stability on, stability off and a sport setting that allows for some drifting and a nice agile driving experience, but ultimately kicks in to the car stays on the desired route, even if the driver runs out of talent. "
You're probably wondering what it takes to win? First of all, according to Omaze, "no donation or payment is required to enter or win this competition." $ 10 gives you 100 entries, $ 50 gives you 1,000 entries, and $ 100 gives you 2,000 entries.
The donations themselves go to Make-A-Wish. Says Omaze, “For 40 years, Make-A-Wish has brought transformative desires to more than 340,000 children and families. But they're not done yet. Hope is more important today than ever. Make-A-Wish is committed to ensuring that no child waits even an unnecessary day to experience the hope and joy that a wish brings with it. Your support today will give these children much-needed hope for better days. "
If you want all 503 of these horses in your driveway, enter here. The closing date for entries is July 15, 2021, 11:59 p.m. Pacific.
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