This $69,000 bulletproof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can be armed with pepper spray or a sonic cannon and has an interior 'inspired by private aviation'

AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
AddArmor transforms ordinary SUVs, sedans and sports cars into highly secure vehicles with luxury equipment and has just announced its latest offer based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
Founded by veterans of the military and law enforcement, the company turns vehicles into bulletproof "mobile security rooms" for executives, celebrities and other VIPs.
Customers can order their Sprinter with a variety of custom, private jet influenced interiors.
You can also add safety features like a pepper spray dispenser, sonic cannon, escape hatch, and shocking door handles.
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Spacious and restrained Mercedes-Benz Sprinters have become popular with DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike during the current conversion of the motorhome. However, both properties also make Sprinter excellent platforms for elaborate armored vehicles desired by executives, celebrities and politicians.
AddArmor, a Wyoming-based company that specializes in turning regular cars into discreet "mobile security rooms," recently added the Sprinter to its armored vehicle range. In addition to the cost of the vehicle, you can get the basic anti-intrusion package for US $ 28,000 - complete with ballistic glass and custom-fit mudguards to strengthen the vehicle body.
In addition to armor, AddArmor also offers its customers a variety of optional safety functions such as sirens, a smoke protection system or a night vision system. And it all makes sense since the company was founded by former U.S. Special Mission Commander Pete Blaber and is staffed by former law enforcement and security experts.
Blaber had his first contact with armored vehicles while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. During that time, he was leading a military research project that worked on developing lighter armor and ballistic glass, he told Business Insider. Now AddArmor is equipping its vehicles with armor that is considerably lighter and stronger than traditional ballistic steel and has built more than 10,000 cars in the past 12 years, said Blaber.
"The freedom to move around and to get seats is a key element for absolute security," said Blaber in the van's announcement.
Buyers who opt for the "Executive Protection Package" can opt for any amount of luxury equipment or even transform their Sprinter into a highly secure motorhome with bed, kitchen and bathroom.
Take a closer look at the new Sprinter from AddArmor below.
The new Mercedes Sprinter vans from AddArmor offer the highest level of luxury and safety. They have a private jet-like interior and advanced security systems.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
Customers can choose from a variety of custom interior design options that are "inspired by private aviation", including LED lighting and "luxury fabrics".
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
Entertainment systems and media setups are also available for passengers who want to sit back or work on the road.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
Customers planning long road trips can also add a kitchen, beds, and bathroom.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
Comfort is one thing - but as the name suggests, AddArmor also offers security by thoroughly armoring every Sprinter.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
The new Sprinter line from AddArmor will "withstand almost any threat" according to the official announcement of the van.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
AddArmor sells three levels of protection, including ballistic glass up to two inches thick and armored body panels that the company claims are ten times stronger and 60% lighter than ballistic steel.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
Customers can also choose from a long list of add-ons like hidden pepper spray dispensers, shocking door handles, a sound-diffusing sonic cannon, hidden weapon openings, and a secret escape hatch for particularly difficult situations.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
AddArmor's basic armor package costs $ 28,000, while a top-notch vehicle with all the bells and whistles costs significantly more.
AddArmor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. AddArmor
For example, according to a company spokesman, AddArmor's premium Cadillac Escalade costs $ 350,000.
AddArmor Cadillac Escalade. AddArmor
The RS7 with the "Executive Protection" package costs 205,000 US dollars.
AddArmor Audi RS7. AddArmor
Given the Sprinter passenger car's base MSRP of $ 41,095, a Sprinter with AddArmor treatment is available for just $ 69,095.
AddArmor Cadillac Escalade. AddArmor
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