This Abandoned Toyota Supra Will Never Be Recovered

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While many enthusiasts dream of owning a Toyota Supra A80, the A70 Supra is still something most people wouldn't toss out of their garage. That makes it fascinating and terrifying to see the third generation car that was just abandoned in the Japanese wilderness. The first gut reaction is to wonder why no one pulled the sports car from its resting place instead of slowly letting it return to nature. Behind the unrecoverable Toyota Supra lies an interesting story rotting on a Japanese mountain.
Maybe someone like these guys could actually restore this Supra?
If you've been to rough terrain, it's not entirely uncommon to see a vehicle shell here and there. Usually they are burned out and separated, perhaps to cover up a crime. No one really seems to know why this car was abandoned in the wilds of Japan, but there are theories about it.
Photo credit: YouTube
The people who know where this car is have worked hard not to open the location to the public. It is usually described as "deep in the mountains of Japan". Videos and photos of the rubble show a pretty rough terrain. It is located at the bottom of a ravine near a stream. The trees on the slope above are quite dense and the degree seems steep. Although there is a road at the top, it seems too difficult to lift it up with a tow truck. We bet if it was an A80 someone would have found a way long ago.
Since it has just been abandoned, it looks like either the owner of the car or others have taken the liberty of using all the components that they can loosen and easily transport away. Most of the interior is full of leaves and other debris, but you can see the steering wheel is missing. The driver's seat is missing, but the passenger seat is still there.
Photo credit: YouTube
Although the car's nose is partially buried in one video, another shot a few years later shows someone was able to open the hood. The 1G GTE inline-six engine was not removed, probably because it would be just as difficult, if not more difficult, to get it up the hill than to pull the car up there. The engine compartment also contains a lot of water.
People noticed that there is a roll cage installed in this MKIII Supra. That suggests it likely belonged to someone who enjoyed racing or drifting. When you put two and two together, it's not hard to imagine the Toyota pulling away from the mountain road and coming to rest at the bottom of a steep drop.
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