This Audrey Hepburn Dress Is Way Better Than Anything She Wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's

This Audrey Hepburn dress is way better than anything she wore to Tiffany's breakfast.
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For many fashion lovers, Audrey Hepburn may always be associated with the iconic Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Even if we just hear the actress's name, visions of her standing in front of a window, coffee and Danish in hand, come to the fore, and suddenly we can so clearly imagine this sleek black dress with a multi - The accessory is equipped with strand chain, black gloves, a tiara and sunglasses.
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Sure, there's nothing wrong with Holly - there's a reason her specific sense of style lives on and has been mentioned by celebrities since 1961 - but when it comes to Hepburn's best on-screen outfits? We'd also like to throw Sabrina into the mix. While the character's white, floral-embroidered dress is slightly under the radar than designs from Hepburn's other films (including Funny Face, which is even referred to in Emily in Paris), it's arguably the best the actress has ever worn .
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This Audrey Hepburn dress is way better than anything she wore to Tiffany's breakfast.
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This particular piece was created by the same talented man behind many of Hepburn's memorable fashion moments (including Breakfast at Tiffany's), Hubert de Givenchy himself. Although Edith Head is recognized as Sabrina's costume designer, Hepburn visited the Paris studio of before filming Givenchy, hoping to win the designer for Sabrina's outfits. He didn't have time to make her anything new, but he let Hepburn pick a few pieces from last season's collection - and the elaborate white number, which was actually in two pieces and looked more layered, was among the items she had chose.
This interaction resulted in a lifelong working relationship between the star and the designer. Hepburn was even once quoted as saying, "Givenchy's clothes are the only ones I feel in. He's more than a designer, he's a creator of personality."
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Between the mix of black and white, the addition of long white gloves, and the perfect hug from Hepburn's body, this piece was undoubtedly very special. So special was it, in fact, that years later it ended up in the personal collection of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, and reportedly sold for $ 170,000 in 2017.
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