This bestselling car detailing putty is backed up by more than 12,300 reviews: 'Not a single crumb or speck of dirt left anywhere'

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Ticarves Car Detailing Putty is a bestseller from Amazon Canada
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Just when you thought you saw it all, Amazon is back with another weird but innovative thing that we never knew we needed. With tubshroom and eye therapy massagers, this slimy putty that's supposed to clean your car like nothing else is the list of vital must-haves. Introduction of the TICARVE cleaning gel.
TICARVE cleaning gel for Auto Detailing Putty
TICARVE cleaning gel / putty for detailing of cars
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What is it?
Designed for car detailing, this putty is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. Flexible and malleable, it easily gets into hard-to-clean crevices of the car, including vents, steering wheels, console trim, storage bins, cup holders, door handles, dashboards to pick up dirt, crumb dust and grime, all with no drying time or streaks and residue.
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How does it work?
Easy to use, just grab the gel, press it against a dirty surface and slowly pull back to remove any dirt. The TICARVE cleaning gel consists of high-tech cleaning material with sweet notes of lavender. When you're done cleaning, put it back in the container and keep it in a cool place like the glove box for safe storage. The best part is that the gel can be used over and over again. A change in color indicates when it can be replaced.
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The cleansing gel can also be useful at home and in the office. Use it to dust off your keyboard, printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote control, and some furniture.
TICARVE cleaning gel for Auto Detailing Putty
What are people saying
With more than 12,300 reviews and a 4.1-star rating, buyers agree that this bestseller does exactly what it says on the tin.
“I never really thought about these gels. They just looked like overpriced kid's slime, but it makes it really easy to get all the little ridges and crevices in your car removed, ”said one reviewer. “Not a single crumb or stain left on my dashboard, the ventilation slots, the center console, the cup holders, the door handles, the control panel or the steering wheel console! I love how this actually picks up and absorbs the dirt rather than just "dusting" it around. It's like using a damp cloth that has adhesive forces on it. "
TICARVE cleaning gel for Auto Detailing Putty
“I was looking at detergents and came across this gel thing. I thought what the fuck I'm going to try. I was really surprised how well my computer keyboard and then the air vents in my car and truck were cleaned, ”said another. “I am satisfied with the service and the price. I am satisfied with the purchase. "
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