This Bride-To-Be Has The Best Comebacks For Unwanted Wedding Advice, And I'm Saving Them For Later

This is Justina Sharp, a 23-year-old bride-to-be who quickly realized that the trouble with wedding planning wasn't just about choosing a venue. In fact, much of the stress can come from the unwanted opinions of those on the guest list - or not.
After their engagement, Justina and her fiancé Jordan Schauberger stepped into wedding planning, but she was surprised by the immediate rejection of some of their wishes.
"The bridal media kept flooding me with articles about how to compromise, how to gently let people down, etc." So I filled it up. "
And fill the void it has. In a viral video on TikTok, Justina shared a few comebacks for unsolicited advice based on the most common obstacles she faced while planning her own wedding.
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Her peppy clapbacks, suggesting that others take their own advice when having a wedding rather than trying to live through it vicariously, immediately caught the attention of other recently engaged people and people who just like mayhem.
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So she started a series on applicable comebacks, responding to commenters who need to say something in their specific situation. As she wondered why it is important to her to help other brides, Justina said: “Women in particular are constantly told to be nicer, to meet others, and so on, and you invite GUESTS to witness a celebration of your love. "
“My advice in general is not to be rude or confrontational; it's about enforcing my boundaries, protecting my peace and not giving out a unique experience to people who have no boundaries, ”she continued. "Some weddings are for everyone, and I totally respect that, but not mine."
If you're looking for some polite but strict ways to simply say "no", here are Justina's best comebacks for unwanted advice on ...
Example of unwanted advice: "I like white roses very much. You should have white roses everywhere."
Comeback: "This is such a great idea! YOU should have a wedding."
The guest list:
Example of unwanted advice: "If [enter name here] isn't invited, I don't want to come."
Comeback: "OK, thanks for letting me know."
Child-free weddings:
Example of unwanted advice: "I should be able to bring my children. Children are a blessing."
Come back to you. "
Example of unwanted advice: "But a garter throw is tradition."
Comeback: "Not anymore."
Example of unwanted advice: "If you don't have six signature drinks, people won't want to come."
Comeback: "You don't have to."
Your Büdget:
Example of unwanted advice: "What you're spending on this wedding, I could buy a house."
Comeback: "So do that."
For everyone who is perhaps a little too hesitant to make a comeback, Justina suggests leaning on your fiancé and drawing clear lines together. "My fiancé and I have had many conversations about what WE want from our wedding and related events, what we are comfortable with and are very honest about whose opinions we want to bring into our planning. ... It is not in Your Responsibility to Do This Others are comfortable at the expense of your joy, especially regarding the wedding day. "
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After five years together, the couple's wedding anniversary is set for 2022. If you want to keep up with her journey and experience the magic virtually, you can follow Justina on TikTok and Instagram.
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