This camper van rental company will let you subscribe to book RVs for months or even years at a time — see how it works

Indie campers. Indie campers
Indie Campers has released a subscription service that allows digital nomads in Europe to subscribe to #VanLife on a monthly or yearly basis.
The price of the subscription varies by city. Customers can choose from one of the company's nine RV models, which range from the Fiat Ducato to the Volkswagen California.
An annual subscription includes a fixed monthly fee, while a monthly subscription has fees that change depending on the month.
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Indie Campers has released a subscription payment model that allows digital nomads in Europe to subscribe to #VanLife on a monthly or yearly basis.
Spanning 15 European countries, the new program capitalizes on the boom in #VanLife and digital nomads as the world continues to work from home and now everywhere. With this new payment model, camper van enthusiasts can "subscribe" to one of the indie camper vans on a monthly or annual basis at prices that vary depending on the city and duration.
In addition to the company's peer-to-peer rental platform "Amazon for Campervan Rentals", Indie Campers currently owns 1,250 RVs for vehicles such as the Fiat Ducato and Volkswagen California.
The rental platform's newly announced payment option also takes advantage of the increasingly popular subscription-based model that is now being used by industries from media to groceries to automakers.
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The inspiration behind the plan
Indie campers. Indie campers
Like other RV and RV providers, Indie Campers has seen amazing growth throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In mid-September, the company reported a 66% increase in inquiries from digital nomads who wanted to book tiny houses on wheels between July and September from 2019 to 2020.
The rental platform also noticed that more people were booking longer trips: Between June and August, the number of trips booked over four weeks rose 225% year-on-year.
According to the Indie Campers press release, this increase in bookings by digital nomads coupled with the rising trend in long-term bookings has inspired the platform to develop this new subscription model.
The monthly price of the subscription - which includes two drivers - depends on the city selected and varies from month to month. However, an annual membership consists of a fixed monthly fee for the whole year.
All payment plans include insurance, breakdown assistance, maintenance and a set number of miles. A monthly subscription includes approximately 621 monthly miles, while an annual plan includes approximately 6,214 miles.
However, customers who wish to sign up for six months or more will receive additional perks like outdoor seating and linens, to name a few examples.
The pricing model
Indie campers
For locations like Porto, Portugal and Olbia, Italy, annual subscriptions start at $ 885 per month, according to Indie Camper's website. The month of February, the cheapest of all 12 months, also starts at around $ 885 while August, the most expensive month, costs around $ 3,000.
However, the price varies depending on the location. For example, Reykjavik's plans are around $ 1,240 per month for the annual plan or between $ 1,240 and $ 4,260 for the monthly plan.
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Indie Campers expects more customers from locations like London and Edinburgh, Scotland. Monthly rates will therefore be slightly higher at these two locations, at around $ 1,360 per month on the annual plan or between $ 1,440 and $ 4,690 per month on the monthly plan, according to Indie Camper's website.
The motorhomes can be picked up and dropped off in various cities for an additional fee.
For beginners who are new to the RV lifestyle, Indie Campers invites people to test their vans at one of 40+ depots and recommends booking well in advance.
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