This Classic Fall Color Weirdly Looks Good On Everyone

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With the colder weather coming, soccer season comes, pumpkin spice slats, and an array of bolder, deeper colors to incorporate into your wardrobe. Some of the most popular colors of the season? Classics like brown, oranges and olive green - but also burgundy-colored outfits definitely deserve a place in your rotation.
Year after year, this dark red hue appears on countless runways and in an endless stream of street style photos. Sometimes it is called "ox blood", sometimes it is called "berry", but this season Burgundy wins back the title for the most flattering and eclectic shade of autumn.
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Burgundy mixes with almost any color, from neutral tones to light blues. Whether you want to add burgundy accessories or wear a monochrome suit, this is the perfect way to add an eye-catching element to your fall outfits.
To help you out, here are nine of our favorite ways to style burgundy for Fall / Winter 2020.
Add a burgundy accessory
Accessories are a great way to stay on trend without overhauling your entire wardrobe. Whether it's a wallet, a pair of shoes, or even headbands and hair clips, this microdose of color offers a powerful punch.
Put on a burgundy jacket
Once the temperature hits 60 degrees, you'll likely be reaching for a jacket to get warm and cozy. This season, skip Basic Black and have fun with a burgundy design instead. Not only is this a little unexpected, it's also one of the easiest ways to test a color that you've always wanted to wear. Just pull this layer over your outfit and go.
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Try the burgundy leather pants
It's no secret that lederhosen are a must-have fall outfit, but swapping out plain black for this deep red color gives your look an instant pop. When styling these bottoms, keep the rest of your look reduced and simple. Try to balance them out with a plain white t-shirt and your favorite blazer. A trick that makes this piece approved for the office.
Get hold of the basics of Burgundy
Fall may be "sweater weather", but that doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in tank tops and t-shirts in this classic fall hue. They are the perfect laying piece. So wear them under fluffy coats, leather jackets and blazers to keep warm.
Rethink your LBD
Right now, if you have a reason to dress up (or just fancy feeling chic around the house), skip that little black dress that you've had in your closet for years and try another LBD, also known as a little burgundy colored dress. This simple switch is a great way to hug the color toned down, and this piece may be as versatile as your neutral options.
Mix burgundy with bright colors
If you're someone who likes bold colors, why not go out of your way to mix burgundy with light hues like electric blue? Together, these two daring sunglasses go surprisingly well together. If blue isn't your thing, burgundy pairs well with olive green and bright red too, but with a little experimentation, you might find that the possibilities are really endless.
Playing with patterns
Another fun way to wear this color is in a patterned form. Fashion is more fun with patterns. Flowers, stripes, plaid or animal prints - these pieces add an interesting element to your look. An effortless way to take these pieces off is through a printed dress under a faux fur coat (a great vacation outfit!). However, you can also try mixing patterns, e.g. B. a burgundy plaid skirt with a black and white skirt dotted top.
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Try a burgundy jumpsuit
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Upgrade your favorite jumpsuit for lazy days this season by choosing one in the berry color. Wear your jumpsuit over a black turtleneck or lightweight sweater for extra warmth. Slip into black leather boots for extra height and off you go.
Wear burgundy with burgundy
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If you love the color, don't limit it to one part of your outfit. Just like with all-black ensembles, whole burgundy looks are wearable and encouraging. The parts don't have to fit together perfectly. Just make sure they are similar enough that your outfit looks intentional.

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