This Early Prime Day Deal Brings the AirPods Pro to Their Cheapest Price Yet

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Although Prime Day technically doesn't take place until tomorrow and Wednesday, Amazon threw a spanner in the works of eager customers today with this extraordinary offer for Apple's outstanding wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro.
This deal subtracts $ 60 from the usual retail price, bringing the total price to just $ 190, which is $ 10 less than the best price ever. If you buy the AirPods direct from Apple now, they'll cost $ 249!
The AirPods Pro offer listeners a customizable fit thanks to the three different sized silicone tips that not only make the buds more comfortable, but also safer. What's even better is that the AirPods Pro have an active noise cancellation feature and improved sound quality over traditional AirPods.
My colleague Stefan Vazharov uses AirPods Pro every day. He said he was a huge fan. In his review, he wrote, “Your sound was consistently great regardless of the content I played. I enjoyed hearing the fine details in my favorite jazz classics, as well as the powerful low end of the great downtempo tracks of all time. "
What I like about AirPods is how intuitive and effortless they are to use. They are immediately paired with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. They also come in an improved wireless charging case, so you can charge them by simply placing them on a wireless charger. Apple just introduced an impressive spatial audio feature as well.
I think if you are serious about a pair of wireless earbuds then don't hesitate! The last time the AirPods Pro were this cheap, inventory was sold out in a day.
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