This graphic comparing first, second halves of Tom Brady's NFL career is amazing

This graphic, comparing the first and second halves of Tom Brady's career, is amazing and originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston
Any NFL player who enjoys a career in the Hall of Fame is very lucky. And then there's Tom Brady.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is in his 21st season. This season marks his first with the Bucs after serving 20 years as a member of the New England Patriots.
One of the most impressive aspects of Brady's career is its consistency. He's been an elite player for two decades, with no massive loss of performance, even when he got into his 40s.
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If you separate the first and second halves of his career, there are two careers in the Hall of Fame. It's really amazing, and "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" recently tweeted a graphic detailing the comparison.
Only four quarterbacks in league history have won three or more Super Bowl titles as starters. Brady has done it twice when you split his career in half.
Brady is also really starting to distance himself from other great players by putting together some extraordinary records. His 33 postseason career wins are more than double that of next player in the rankings, San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana. Brady's 10 Super Bowl appearances are four more than any other player in history.
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His 80 touchdown passes in the playoffs are 35 more than Montana in second place. Brady is likely to play 5,000 playoffs ahead of former rival Peyton Manning in his post-Super Bowl LV career.
Brady is without question the greatest quarterback in professional football history. The statistics and successes speak for themselves. That said, winning a Super Bowl with another team by the age of 43 would surely be one of his most impressive accomplishments.
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