This hardly ever happens, but Apple AirPods are on sale for Boxing Day at Amazon Canada

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Apple AirPods are available for Boxing Day on Amazon Canada.
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Often imitated but never duplicated, Apple AirPods are one of the most popular tech accessories of the year. What are you waiting for if you haven't made the switch to wireless and rechargeable earbuds? The Apple AirPods and Wireless Charging Case, which are rarely available for sale, are currently saving $ 43 on Amazon Canada's Boxing Day sale.
Apple AirPods with wireless charging case
Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case - 16% Off Boxing Day Sale from Amazon Canada
SHOP IT: Amazon, $ 226 (originally $ 269)
What are you?
Apple AirPods are the wireless alternative to headphones that can be easily paired with your Apple device without compromising sound quality or performance.
Your AirPod wireless charging case has room for multiple full charges for your earbuds and more than 24 hours of battery life. Each charge provides up to five hours of playtime and three hours of talk time. When not in use, it should be kept in the charging case to ensure you don't miss a call, podcast, or song.
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Since the AirPods are paired with your iOS device (such as your iPad, iPhone or MacBook), you will receive a push notification when the battery is almost empty. If the battery in your charging case is weak, simply connect the housing to a power source using the lightning cable provided.
What other people say
Apple AirPods have an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon, based on more than 37,000 customer reviews. Buyers have praised AirPods for their universal fit and accessibility to Siri.
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“I've been using a variety of wireless and bluetooth products for a while. I got these yesterday and they are amazing. They turn on automatically as soon as you pull them out of the case. Once in your ear, they're connected to my iPhone and ready to use. In my iPhone, I can configure each ear to perform a specific task directly in the phone settings without special software, ”wrote one buyer. “I tap my left ear twice and activate Siri. I can tap my right ear twice to play / pause whatever I hear or see. I was walking and there was a light breeze. I called someone on the phone to see how the noise cancellation was going and they couldn't hear the wind. "
Apple AirPods and Wireless Charging Case will be on sale for $ 226 (originally $ 269) during Amazon Canada's Boxing Day sale.
Although there are cheaper options, the Apple AirPods offer superior sound quality and ease of use for Apple product users.
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"Some people think if you're wearing Apple's wireless earbuds, you're just trying to look cool." While you will look great with these bad guys, that's not why you should buy them, ”said another Amazon buyer. “They are the high quality products you have come to expect from Apple. Although they are very light and feel like they might fly out of your ears at any moment, they are surprisingly sturdy and have yet to come out unbidden (unless you forget to take them out when you take off a shirt). They last a fair bit but never fear those long uses ... Here's a quick warning about the battery: If you don't return the buds to the charger, they'll die. However, the case can charge them for various purposes. I probably use them at least 3-4 hours a day and can get through most of the week without charging the suitcase. This model also has the wireless charging function. So when you are done with this technology, you are ready. "
If you are a loyal Apple product user, you will likely enjoy the benefits of wireless earbuds that allow you to easily pair multiple devices.
We've rounded up more Apple AirPod products for you to put on sale right now - but hurry up, this won't last forever.
Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro - available now for Boxing Day on Amazon for $ 264 (originally $ 329).
Choose from three sizes of silicone tips for added comfort and enjoy active noise cancellation as well as transparency mode with these waterproof AirPods.
SHOP IT: $ 264 (originally $ 329)
Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods
Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods - on sale on Boxing Day for $ 80 (originally $ 99).
Make sure your AirPods are always fully charged with this handy replacement case.
SHOP IT: $ 80 (originally $ 99)
The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.
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