This Is a Surefire Sign Other People Find You Annoying, Experts Say

Everyone has annoying traits, whether you sing along to every song on the radio or insist on keeping Cotton Eye Joe as your ringtone. And while some people enjoy letting you know how gross they think your behavior is, there is a surefire sign, according to experts, that people are bugging you - and it's one you probably won't pick up on either.
"If you notice the person's shoulders or feet turning away from you, or looking at the floor (or their phone), it is a sign that they are trying to escape the moment," says licensed clinical psychologist Jamie Long , Psy. D. D.
white woman and man talking outside while woman looks at phone
However, according to Long, it is also possible that "the topic of conversation has become too intense, too one-sided, or simply too long to end." In any case, it is important to determine the comfort level and change gears if necessary. However, this is not the only way to put others off. Read on to discover signs that you may be annoying other people without realizing it. For more behaviors that can nip you in the bud, see the 50 things you do every day that annoy other people.
They always steer conversations back to you.
A frustrated woman is talking to her psychiatrist. She gives her some advice on how to deal with the complexities of life.
If you've ever been accused of having conversations about yourself, you likely harass others with this behavior on a regular basis.
"Rude people have an opportunity to hijack conversations to tell anything about them, their opinions, or what they want," explains Long. If you were at the end of that complaint, "Focus on one soft tone, listen more, and interrupt less," she recommends. And if you want to avoid future faux, check out these 13 signs that people think are rude and that you don't know about.
Most of your conversations are bleeding sessions.
We see an unhappy young man talking to a colleague
It may feel great to get something out of the way that weighed you down, but if all of your conversations become venting sessions, it can easily rub others the wrong way.
"We all vent and it's easy to do too much," says Long. Your recommendation? "Use the 80/20 rule by focusing on positive, carefree topics 80 percent of the time and reserving ventilated or emotionally stressful conversations 20 percent of the time."
You can feel the energy change in a room when you enter.
Women stretching and talking before the training class
If the mood suddenly changes as soon as you walk into a room, it may be a sign that your pas behavior has made your presence undesirable.
"You could get on people's nerves or be seen as rude if you walk into a room with people laughing and smiling who suddenly go quiet shortly after you arrive," says Long, noting that this can also be a sign that your energy is up does not mix well with the people you keep company with. Sign up for our daily newsletter to get more great articles in your inbox.
Their conversations are full of uncomfortable silence.
Man talks too much on a date
From time to time everyone runs out of topics to talk about, but it becomes worrying if it happens every time you speak.
"If after speaking people tend to have an awkward silence, looking at each other or suddenly changing the subject, especially if this happens frequently, you can almost bet that you said something that rubbed them wrong," says state-certified consultant Sophia Reed, Ph.D. And if you want to avoid an awkward break, that's the rudest thing to ask anyone, say etiquette experts.
Your pupils constrict.
Close up green eyed middle aged doctor with mask on face
Do you want to know if you are annoying someone? A little eye contact will alert you.
If your pupils are constricting, that's a good sign that it is you. "This is what happens when people are angry or irritable and their blood pressure rises - you can really see it in their eyes!" says psychotherapist Stephanie Newman, Ph.D. And if you want to get around a serious etiquette mistake, it's the rudest thing you do all the time without even knowing it.
Your voice is getting louder.
Elderly man and woman talking over coffee
When someone is frustrated, the volume of their voice increases too.
"We often turn up the volume to be heard because we think our previous attempt was unsuccessful," explains psychologist Dustin Weissman, Psy.D. Weissman says this is often something people learned in their childhood, "when parents raise their voices in warning or frustration with their children for not following the rules". And if you want to avoid making a serious mistake at work, it is the rudest thing to do on video calling, experts say.
You sigh. A lot of.
Woman upset about rude people
A sigh isn't just a sigh, at least according to researchers from Norway who found in a 2008 study that people tend to sigh when they're in a negative mood.
"Exhaling forcefully is usually triggered when we are being annoyed or harassed by someone or something. If you notice people around you responding to you with a sigh, it is often an indicator that they are feeling annoying or rude "says a licensed psychotherapist / psychoanalyst Babita Spinelli, owner of Opening the Doors Psychotherapy.
You hear about parties after the fact.
Man bringing some beer to friends.
You just found out that everyone you know was at the "Party of the Year" last weekend? It could just have been an accident, especially if the host insists they emailed you an invitation. However, if it happens multiple times, you may be removed from the guest list for some reason.
"If you get [fewer] invitations to socialize, or if people don't come back to you, they may be avoiding you," Long says. While she notes that there are other reasons this could happen, "The important thing to ask yourself is whether it is possible that people are not enjoying your company."
Friends stopped calling you, emailing you, or texting you.
Angry woman on the phone, telling the customer service representative nothing to say
An unreturned call is one thing. One or two missed email replies, hey, it happens. But when you can't even get a text reply from them, it may be time to admit that you're no longer on the shortlist of close confidants.
You avoid your personal space.
angry older woman, over 50 regrets
In general, it is a good thing when someone doesn't get close enough to make you feel like you have invaded your personal space. But it can also work the other way around. If they move noticeably away from you, if you are trying to get too close, or if you are so far away from you that it feels weird, it could be an unconscious signal. If you take a step forward and they take a step back, they are telling you, "Back up, Buster!"
Nobody argues with you. Ever.
Husband and wife argue outside, things you should never tell your spouse
You only fight with those you love. That might not make a lot of sense in theory, but there is more truth there than you think. If someone argues with you, it is because they are right to care about your opinion and want to change your perspective. If people who consider you your friends never push back and argue with you, even if you know they know you are wrong, it likely means that they have given up on you.
You're never in group photos on social media.
Group of teenage friends taking a selfie at the park wearing protective masks
Yes, most of what can be seen on social media is wrong. As countless studies have shown, people tend to reflect socially desirable on websites like Facebook and Instagram. It may not be the reality, but it is the reality that they want to present to the world. And if you aren't in any of these, that's a bad sign.
They go for the hug, they go for the handshake.
Blacks and whites shake hands, skills parents should teach children
Physical contact with another person causes our oxytocin levels to rise, which reduces anxiety and increases confidence, generosity, and empathy. If you decline that contact or insist on the least amount of physical interaction possible, it can only mean that someone is unwilling or unwilling to feel that level of empathy and trust with you.
You avoid eye contact.
Woman angry on a date
As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: "People's eyes talk as much as their tongues." So if someone looks anywhere other than you, they probably prefer to be anywhere other than yours.
You cross your arms when you speak.
It's a classic gesture of defense, a way to create a barrier between you and something (or someone) that you don't particularly care about. It is the opposite of opening and greeting. They say, "No. Stay away. Whatever you're saying, I don't want to hear it."
You answer a call while in the middle of a sentence.
bad date husband mistake
It's possible that you're just a self-centered idiot who doesn't know what a social faux pas this is. Or you're the unbearable idiot, so they'll answer a call while you're talking because they just can't be with you anymore.
They don't ask you personal questions.
Women talk, working mom
We all love to talk about ourselves. That's just a given, isn't it? And when people ask us to reveal more about ourselves or ask follow-up questions, we tend to like them - at least according to Harvard researchers. But if they avoid asking anything remotely personal about you, that is a pretty big indicator that you are not in the company of someone hoping to have a long-term friendship with you.

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