This is the most exciting Marvel show to watch after ‘Loki’

It has been more than two years since Marvel revealed the first 14 titles of Phase 4. Some of these stood out immediately and I couldn't wait to see them. Others, not so much. Marvel then added even more titles to the Phase 4 list, but chose not to reveal a sequel to Avengers 5. The fans didn't know what was going to happen to the world at the end of 2019. The pandemic would force Marvel to postpone everything and we passed 2020 without any new MCU content. But 2021 fixed all of that, bringing us three TV shows on Disney + and the Black Widow premiere. Loki is by far the most exciting of them all. And now that we know what Loki brought to the table, the most exciting Marvel show after Loki is a title I completely turned down when I first announced it two years ago.
"Just announced in Hall H of the #SDCC, Marvel Studios' What If ...? Streaming exclusively on Disney +, summer 2021, ”Marvel tweeted at the time.
The concept of the show seemed great in theory. What if…? would bring us alternate stories with our beloved Avengers. It's an easy way to bring some of the dead heroes back to life, if only for a moment. But I was never interested in these stories because I thought they wouldn't affect the grand scheme of things in the MCU.
Then the first teaser fell and I began to wonder. What happened if…? is it actually more exciting than I thought?
The Marvel Show after Loki
Just before Loki finished his run on Disney +, Marvel released the first full What If ...? Follower. We were already at the Loki finale when the clip was released. That is, we already knew many of the multiverse rules. And everything in this what if ...? Trailer focuses on alternate timelines.
Now that we know exactly what happened in the Loki Finals, what if ...? is watching the Marvel show. Without spoiling Episode 6 too much, in case you haven't seen Loki before, I'll tell you that the ending brings the multiverse to the fore. However, we have only just begun to experience the multiverse. Films like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will explore further.
But what if that what if ...? Show is also a multiverse story? It's the easiest way for Marvel to get us to understand the multiverse. We will see well-known characters in different, unexpected environments. From Zombie Avengers to Captain Britain and from Gamora Thanos to Star-Lord T’Challa. These are all exciting scenarios in the light of the multiverse.
Instead of theoretical "what-if" stories, we could get some glimpse into alternative universes that experienced events differently. Perhaps some of the animated characters we see on the upcoming TV show will appear in multiverse stories in the future.
This could be wishful thinking, and I could break the first rule of watching a Marvel TV show - avoid high expectations. But what if ...? seems to be the most exciting show after Loki. What if…? Premiere on August 11th. In the meantime, here's the first trailer again:
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