This Is Us' Chrissy Metz Addresses Her Flash-Forward Absence, Teases Kate's 'Shocking' Secret Pregnancy

This Is Us may not have aired a Christmas episode this season, but that didn't stop the NBC drama from giving its viewers a huge revelation on the final episode of 2020: Kate had a secret pregnancy in her past that she never had shared with no one - not even her brothers. (Read a full summary.)
Of course, we wanted to know everything about this previously untested bag from Kate's early adulthood. Before the show returned on Tuesday January 5th (9 / 8c), we had a chat with series star Chrissy Metz about the big announcement of her character to Toby and where it could lead. Oh, and since we got her on the line, we also grilled Metz about where the hell is Kate on all of these flash forwards ?! ("You might have something to do!" Joked the Emmy nominee.)
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This is us Chrissy Metz Interview Season 5 Kate Flash Forward
TVLINE | On the final pre-break episode, we learned that Kate found out she was pregnant after her abusive relationship with Marc ended. As a result, she doesn't actually talk about the termination of the pregnancy, it seemed like that was inferred. Was it?
Not necessarily. You know, this is one of those things that they leave it in the air - and we'll find out at some point - but as for that particular scene and episode, who knows? What's really shocking is that she didn't even tell Toby. So it will be really interesting to see what will ultimately develop when it comes to this really big event in your life. It is something that she has never shared with anyone like ever and never had.
TVLINE | You mentioned in the past that this season we were going to find something that would explain a little bit why she turned to food to cope with it. Talk to me about how this event will affect the rest of your life.
Yes. She had so much shame and guilt for her father's death and she really blamed herself. But if it's something that she is really responsible for, whatever develops and happens, then she has never said that to a soul. This is a very big deal when it comes to someone who keeps secrets and someone who chooses not to talk about something. In the truest sense of the word, you stuff your feelings down.
They cram everything that's happening right now, and because it's so complicated and complex when it comes to Marc and their relationship, it's a really big deal. This is something she can finally grapple with, at least as far as Toby is concerned, what's going on, what really happened. And what does it mean for the relationship and for her as a woman and for all the ways she thought about herself? I think that's how we're going to deal with her past - we'll see how she does that - but it's something everyone can relate to. No matter how big or small the event in our life is, when we carry it around, we really carry it around.
TVLINE | It feels like a growth moment for her to be able to talk about these things now that she has viewed as either shameful or hurtful in the past.
I agree.
TVLINE | Do you think she couldn't have done that a year ago or at the beginning of the series?
No way ... I think she has reached a certain point in her life where she says, "Yeah. That doesn't serve me anymore."
This is us Chrissy Metz Interview Season 5 Kate Flash Forward
TVLINE | Even with this tip of saying to a potential mother: “I think we would be really good parents for your child”, I think it is a really big step in confidence for her.
Oh yeah. I don't think she thought she was good at anything and she could still question it, but not like she used to be. She proved to herself that not only could she have come through a miscarriage and obviously everything else in the past, but also a child with special needs and then a husband who changes completely before her eyes - and realizes it if you want Keep something, you have to work on it. As I always say, respectable actions create self-worth.
She's shown up for herself so many times, proving to herself that, "Oh, I think I got that," and it's a huge arc of characters that she really gets away with not even being able to get a proper job. She lived, so to speak, only in the shadow of her brother as his assistant. Now everything she struggles with has really shaped her into the woman she always knew could be but was scared of.
TVLINE | You alluded to Toby and CrossFit. You must know that I was ready to take my earrings off and fight LadyKryptonite if I had to.
[Laughs] Right ?! I mean, it's a running joke on set. I ask myself, "Where is Kara? Where is she ?!" It's funny because we never see them. We never have her ... or at least I haven't met her yet if she's a real thing. But yes, everyone is ready to throw up with her.
TVLINE | People are very concerned because you didn't show up on the flash forwards, and I just wonder if there is anything you can say at all that would calm others' minds.
I know. Just want to tell people that Kate runs errands. You might have things to do! [Laughs] She could have had the car washed. Who knows? I'm not saying to be angry. Even if she's not alive, guys, no one ever really left. I mean, we see that with Jack. So do not worry.
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