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The other day I saw a post on the Bin I the Asshole? Subreddit that got me thinking about the answer to this question - how long would you wait at a restaurant for your food before getting up and leaving?
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In case you're not familiar with Am I the Asshole? subreddit is a space where users can post about their interpersonal conflicts, and then other users can weigh in on who the "asshole" was in that particular situation.
In this post, a man confessed that he left a restaurant without paying after waiting an hour for his food. Now, however, he's reconsidering whether that was an asshole move or not.
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Here is the full situation as narrated by the man u/No-Benefit5935:
"I (23 M) live with my girlfriend (22 F) in a long-distance relationship. I stayed with her last weekend and took her for our one year anniversary, a place recommended by my colleague. I looked it up and it had great reviews for food and service."
Westend61/Getty Images/Westend61
"So we watched the Van Gogh Experience and then went out to dinner."
“I had made a reservation and the restaurant wasn't busy at all, so I was surprised when we were asked to wait. We went to the lounge and had a drink and waited. About 20 minutes later the hostess came for us and we were seated. It took a long time for the waiter to take our order.”
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"I was trying to have a good time, but I was hungry. We ordered straight from the menu - no substitutions or deletions. And then we waited. We had another drink. I asked the waiter after the meal 'Come out soon.' I saw people sitting after we got their meals. An hour later we were seated. I had enough. I asked my girlfriend if she was comfortable with us going and she said she was waiting for me to propose.”
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"So I left the money for the drinks on the table and we left. The waiter saw us leaving and came over to ask us what the problem was. I said we'd waited long enough and that we had other plans, so we left. We went to a chain steak restaurant and had a great meal.”
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"My girlfriend thanked me for getting us out of the other place without a scene. The waiter asked about our evening and we told them. They brought us a free dessert even though they and their restaurant did everything right. I tipped very handsomely — 20% plus the cost of dessert."
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"When I got back to work I told the guy who recommended the first place about the crap service and he said I was an asshole for walking out without paying for my food. I never got anything to eat. I don't think I'm wrong. Even our appetizers never made it out of the kitchen.”
*I'm trying to process everything I've just read*
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It seemed like 95% of Reddit were on this man's side, including a person known as u/yas_astro.
"If you have to wait an hour or more in a restaurant without eating at all, then you deserve to walk out without being paid," they said.
Another person with the username u/Left-Car6520 agreed and agreed that the man wasn't the asshole in this situation.
"Mmmm, yeah, no, someone really screwed up there," they said.
"As a former waitress, I would say it would have been better to tell the staff you're leaving because you can't wait any longer, but you're not the asshole if you leave without paying for the food you never got. There are at least three points by which someone should have realized they screwed up, and that's not the case. It's entirely up to the restaurant. And considering it looks like your food never even started being made, it didn't cost you anything when you left either."
Finally, someone known as u/Seraphinx argued that the man was being too kind to the situation.
"You're a bigger person than me, OP, because I would have left without paying for my drinks AFTER I caused a scene," they said.
What do you think? How would you have dealt with this situation? Let me know in the comments!
Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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