This Man Went Viral With His 3-Year Weight Loss Transformation Photo

Stephen Vysocky, 34, recently gained a lot of attention when he tweeted two photos of himself, taken three years apart, depicting his dramatic journey to weight loss. The tweet quickly exploded, with thousands of likes, retweets, and comments from people expressing how impressed and inspired they were with his transformation. Here he describes the physical and mental challenges that he has mastered in order to change his life and create a new future for himself.
"I started putting on weight when I was in middle school," he tells Men's Health. “I was bullied a lot for a variety of reasons, and I didn't really have friends. So I turned to food for comfort. I didn't know I was ballooning. Middle school was rough, but high school was even rougher . " . Children got meaner, and my bad habits of eating fast food and overeating had devoured my life. Not sure what my weight was in high school, but in clothing sizes I squeezed a 3XL My adult life tried to break my bad habits but kept failing. I became very depressed and kept making poor food choices for comfort. "
Although he is constantly trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, Stephen describes the cycle in which you start exercising, see some changes, and then fall back into your old, established habits. In 2018, Stephen started gaining weight again after a breakup. His heaviest recorded weight was 505 pounds, although he admits it could have been heavier as he couldn't find a scale that could accurately measure his weight.
Eventually his best friend Daniel, kicking and screaming - "literally!" - dragged him to a Planet Fitness and told him that he was the only person who could change his life. “It was hard,” he says. “There were definitely days when I didn't want to, but I kept pushing myself to go to the gym. I stumbled and fell, but then I got up again and said to myself it was just a bad day and not being consumed by the goal I had set for myself. A bad day is not a bad week or month. "
“I started with light cardio training like the elliptical machine,” he explains. “I remember the first day at the gym when I barely puffed and puffed for five minutes and felt like I was going to die. But over time, I worked my way up to do a full workout on the elliptical, and then I started with very light weight training. After getting a good rhythm at the gym, I really focused on my diet. I got soda out of my life completely. I also eliminated all fast food. If I committed, I would I want to get 100 percent involved, otherwise it would never work. "
In addition, he did everything without a trainer, but programmed his own, self-taught workouts with advice and knowledge from YouTube and fitness figures like The Rock.
Photo credit: Men's Health
"After making the commitment and the diet change, I really saw a huge weight loss; I had lost 100 pounds by the end of 2019. I was super excited and set my next goal. I knew if I could commit to a year and Seeing these results, I could treat myself to another year. Shortly thereafter, the pandemic struck and all the gyms closed. At that point, with no access to my regular exercise equipment, I started jogging in my local park and adopted a ketogenic, low-carb diet. to keep achieving my weight loss goals. "
Over a period of three years and with "a lot of strength and determination" Stephen lost a total of 240 pounds. He currently weighs 265 pounds, almost half what he weighed heaviest, and says he has never felt better. "My body no longer hurts and I can walk without pain," he says. "I can relieve my everyday stress in my training sessions in the gym. I'm no longer so dependent on food. I've never been so happy."
The physical transformation was accompanied by an emotional one, and Stephen found that the changes he made helped him better cope with his depression and build the life he had always imagined.
"I have gained a lot more confidence in myself and myself," he says. "Overcoming this obstacle has also helped me with my mental health. I use the gym as a therapy session, so to speak. My strength training is my stress reliever. With this self-confidence I was able to be more open and willing." to experience new situations. As a result, I met a new partner who is just as motivated as I am and who only wants to grow and build a legacy with me. She is really great and supports every goal and obstacle that is thrown in my path. "
It's far from finished. Not only is Stephen fulfilling his goal of riding roller coasters at every major theme park (something his weight previously prevented him from doing), Stephen is now pushing his weight training and building his upper body and consulting a surgeon to remove his excess skin allow . And he wants other people to know that they can too, if he can make such a big change in his life.
"Half the fight begins," he says. “I'll tell you that I used to be one of the laziest people you have ever met - but once you set a goal and get started, you will be unstoppable. I challenge myself to be one of the hardest workers in the room. I may not be the best, but I'll be the hardest worker there. "
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