This Mom Transformed Her Body Through Peloton — Without Ever Getting on the Bike

Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis Rachel Davis in June 2020 and June 2021
Rachel Davis didn't like how she physically felt after giving birth to her first baby in July 2018.
"I wasn't very active during pregnancy and was unhappy with my body after the birth of my son Ryan," the Belleville, Illinois customer service specialist told PEOPLE.
After being cleared for physical activity, she tried to exercise on her own but "had no motivation," she says. “I didn't even really know what to do after giving birth. I couldn't run. I could barely lift weights because my strength was gone. And I felt like it was my own fault that I was spending so much time have taken. "
In early 2019, she hired a personal trainer and started taking HIIT fitness classes through a local studio. Her progress was slow.
"I was far from where I wanted to be in the summer of 2019 when I got the shock of my life: another baby expected in March 2020," says Davis, now 27.
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis Rachel Davis with husband James and sons Ryan, 3, and RoJo, 1
Although she tried to continue with her trainer and a few hours a week, the desire waned. "I had another inactive pregnancy. I told myself it was okay, but I ended up gaining weight faster and was ashamed after the birth of my son RoJo. I was the hardest I've ever had in my life."
It was tough for Davis, who was a competitive cheerleader at 5'1 "in high school and college. In fact, she met her husband, James, an account manager, through cheers.
"We both came from an active lifestyle," she explains. "I was 115 pounds or whatever. Then you grow and things are limp and you think, 'What is this any more? What is my body?' “She says, adding that she weighs 145 pounds after RoJo was born with 39% body fat.
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"I convinced myself that it was time for real, life-changing and sustainable change," she says.
In June 2020, she began exercising regularly again, taking HIIT classes, taking her boys for walks in the stroller, and "focused on being a better me". Change started slowly, she recalls. "I was ready for more."
In September, she signed up for a free trial of the Peloton app and started streaming courses on her phone. She joined a local gym and brought her cell phone to follow Peloton's guided workouts. Her first treadmill class was with instructor Adrian Williams. "I didn't know anything about the coaches and I hadn't joined a Facebook group," says Rachel. “I only tested the water. When Adrian started dropping the F-bomb in class and dancing on the treadmill, I thought, 'Yeah! That is for me. I love that!'"
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After that, she began incorporating cardio HIIT classes for the home that didn't require any equipment. "We don't have a gym space at home, so I ran classes and bootcamp classes on the gym treads, used the weights for strength, and then occasionally created the outdoor content in the app," she says.
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis
“Even though the instructors spoke to me on the screen, it felt like they were right next to me, cheering me on and pushing me to do my best,” she says. "These courses made some big changes and as soon as I saw the progress photos, I cried."
After a few months, she wondered if she could get her results fitter by changing her eating habits. "I started to eat more intuitively, but I vowed not to restrict certain foods or food groups so as not to ruin my overall relationship with food," she says.
“I've tried making conscious choices - for example, choosing an apple with peanut butter over a bag of crisps - but I haven't left anything out. If I wanted dessert, I would have dessert. I just started using portion sizes and portioning more. "
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Today, she continues to prioritize her fitness - "my peloton time is my time" - and subscribes to the Peloton app for $ 12.99 / month. She still brings her cell phone to the gym and plans two, 45-, or 60-minute treadmill bootcamps per week. She runs outside with the app for three days, sometimes with her boys in tow. She also stacks peloton strength or core classes a few times a week. She went from size 8 to size 2 - without ever getting on a peloton bike. "Cycling intimidates me," she says.
Davis hopes sharing her progress photos and fitness journey will motivate other people.
"I'm the average person. I gained weight during pregnancy because I didn't sit down, sleep, or eat ice cream and cereal," says Davis.
"Peloton has improved my cardiovascular health," she says. "I fell in love with fitness again, I'm the strongest I've ever been and I'm proud of what my body can do."

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