This Morning Show Scene With Jennifer Aniston & Mindy Kaling Couldn't Be More Awkward

It seems Audra (Mindy Kaling) doesn't mind being the bearer of bad news, especially when it comes to Alex (Jennifer Aniston).
In this exclusive clip from the October 15 episode of The Morning Show, rival morning announcer Audra walks into Alex's office to reveal that she will be interviewing Maggie Brener (Marcia Gay Harden) on the book tour. "Maggie Brener's book is out next month," says Audra with a happy smile, "and her press agent wants her first stop on her book tour to be on YDA."
Understandably, this isn't good news for Alex as the book likely has some negative things to say about her. To keep her composure, Alex replies: "It makes sense. And?"
In a twist, Audra reveals that she's coming to get Alex's blessing for the interview. “I want to make sure you're okay,” she adds. "Because Alex, if you don't, I won't."
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Refusing to take this as a real offer, as there is no way a journalist would ever turn down the opportunity, Alex ponders aloud, "Why shouldn't I agree to this?"
Despite feigning innocence, Audra implies that Alex is expecting a scandal, noting that the Morning Show host is likely "a main character" in the book. "I assume that you agree," she says again, "I'll do the interview."
Annoyed by Audra's wrong gesture, Alex repeats sarcastically: "Because if it weren't for that, you wouldn't do it."
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"I wouldn't," says Audra before happily exclaiming. "But I'm so glad I have your blessing."
Clearly over the passive-aggressive dynamic, Alex calls Audra to this "cop - t" visit and asks: "I've always been gracious to you, haven't I?"
Surprised, Audra offers a simple "what?" She then realizes that Alex honestly believes this, a POV that Audra disagrees.
"Huh! Well, the past is over anyway, ”she concludes before leaving. "And I would like to hope that you would show me the same courtesy if the shoe were on the other foot."
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Check out the awkward encounter for yourself in the exclusive clip above!
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