"This N***** Voted For Joe Biden": Here's What The Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrectionists Yelled At Police Officers

Four officials who defended the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 from a mob of violent pro-Trump insurgents gave horrific statements Tuesday about the verbal and physical attacks they were subjected to during the riot.
Speaking to a House Special Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol, officials described how they were beaten, beaten, kicked, electrocuted, stripped of their weapons and masks, and almost crushed to death while they a stream of ridicule, threats and racial slurs from rioters trying to prevent lawmakers from confirming President Joe Biden's election victory.
DC Metropolitan Police Officers Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone and Capitol Police Sgts. Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell became emotional as they portrayed the violence of the day and the toll that cost their physical and emotional health, and their frustration and anger at elected officials who downplayed the events of January 6th.
Authorities estimated that about 140 officers were injured that day when they were trampled, sprayed with chemical irritants and beaten with weapons made from flagpoles, metal barriers and baseball bats.
Gonell and Dunn also testified about the racial slurs and insults Trump supporters spat on them in the storming of the Capitol.
Officials recalled hearing the crowd call them "traitors" and chanting "Fuck the Blue".
A video played during the testimony on Tuesday showed the kind of insults and ridicules officers faced during the attack, including shouts of "Traitor, how do you live with yourself?" And "Die, traitor!"
"You should be pissed off too, damned traitor," yelled one rioter while others told officials, "You're on the wrong side of freedom."
"Fuck you guys, you can't even call yourselves American," one woman yelled at the officers defending the Capitol. "You broke your damn oath today. 1776!"
Here are some of the things the officials said when they yelled at the insurgents during the attack.
"That nigger voted for Joe Biden."
In an emotional testimony, Dunn described how he and other black officers endured racial slurs, including the N word, while protecting the Capitol.
Dunn said rioters in MAGA hats and shirts that read "Trump 2020" told him Trump invited them to the Capitol and they were there "to stop the theft." He remembered hearing her say, "Joe Biden is not the president."
Dunn said that while he did his best to keep politics out of his job as a law enforcement officer, their taunts led him to tell the rioters that he voted for Biden.
"Doesn't my vote count? Am I nobody?" Dunn remembered telling them.
This, he said, sparked a flurry of racial denominations from the mob.
A woman in a pink MAGA shirt yelled, "You know what guys? That nigger voted for Joe Biden," Dunn recalled.
The crowd then started singing, "Boo, fucking nigger," he said.
"Nobody has ever called me a nigger while wearing Capitol Police Officer's uniform," Dunn said, adding that other black officers shared with him the racial abuse they were subjected to.
An official told Dunn that until Jan. 6, he was never called the N word in his face. "said Dunn to the committee.
"You're not even an American."
Gonell, who immigrated to the US from the Dominican Republic in 1992 and became a US Army veteran serving in Iraq, said the rioters apparently even saw his skin color through his mask and told him, "You are not even an American . "
"I was more afraid of working in the Capitol than during my entire deployment in Iraq," said Gonell, adding that nothing in his military or police experience prepared him for what he faced on Jan. 6 became.
"I have been accused of breaking my oath and preferring my paycheck to my allegiance to the US Constitution," he said, recalling the insults of the rioters. He said the crowd called him a traitor and a disgrace and demanded his execution.
Some of the rioters, Gonell said, "had the audacity to tell me it wasn't personal."
He said they used "threatening language" and threatened to shoot back and overrun the officers.
Gonell recalled hearing some rioters calling on officers to join their cause, while also hearing "specific threats" against the lives of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then Vice President Mike Pence.
"The physical violence we witnessed was appalling and devastating," said Gonell, describing the attacks as a "medieval battle".
"We were beaten, kicked, shocked and sprayed with chemical irritants," he said.
Gonell recalled the rioters hearing that Trump had sent them and telling officials to "choose the right side."
He said he heard his colleagues scream in pain and agony while himself being crushed by the rioters.
"I felt myself losing oxygen and remembered thinking, this is how I will die," said Gonell.
"Kill him with his own weapon."
DC Officer Fanone said he could still hear these words in his head today: "Kill him with his own weapon."
He recalled being "caught, beaten and tortured - all as a traitor to my own country".
The rioters, he said, tried to strip off his gun and threatened to kill him with it. They tore down his radio, confiscated his ammunition, and hit him with their fists and hard metal objects, Fanone said.
He remembered some of them starting to sing, "Get his gun and kill him with his own gun".
Fanone said he was repeatedly stun gun dead and his own body camera captured how he was "attacked and nearly killed when the mob attacked the Capitol that day".
"In those moments I remember thinking I was going to be torn apart or shot with my own gun," he said.
In desperation, Fanone said he tried to appeal to the rioters' humanity by telling them, "I have children."
Someone from the crowd then stepped forward to protect him and he was taken to safety.
Fanone said he was knocked unconscious at the time and stayed that way for about four minutes. He was taken to a hospital where he was told that he had had a heart attack and a concussion.
Fanone said that even as his physical injuries began to heal from the attack, he "was left with the psychological trauma and emotional fear of having suffered such a terrible event".
"You will die on your knees."
Hodges testified that when he was taking control of his baton from a rioter who tried to grab him, the man yelled at Hodges, "You're on the wrong team," while another rioter yelled, "You're going to get on yours Kneel to die. "
As he marched with his colleagues to protect the Capitol, Hodges remembered people sarcastically mocking them by saying, "Here come the boys in blue ... so brave."
Another woman called them "stormtroopers" while others shouted they were traitors, Hodges recalled.
Hodges, who referred to Trump supporters as "terrorists" in his testimony, said one of them threw something heavy at him and kicked him in the chest when he went down and the crowd said "USA!"
He also described how some members of the mob wore police-friendly Thin Blue Line flags even when the crowd attacked law enforcement officers.
Hodges said he heard a man wearing a QAnon hoodie say, "This is a time to choose which side of the story to be on," while another berated him for taking off his gear and warned, "Solidarity." "to show with the rioters.
"Do you think your little pea throwers will stop this crowd?" Hodges remembered another man telling him about it. "No, we're going into the building."
Hodges also described the excruciating moments - captured in a now viral video - when he was crushed against a door amid a huge mob of rioters as they pushed against a line of police officers.
He said a rioter in front of him grabbed the front of his gas mask and smacked his head against the door while making "guttural screams" and "foaming from his mouth".
"He pulled it off my head, the straps tightening against my skull and straining my neck," Hodges said.
The man then put his cell phone in his mouth to have both hands free to attack Hodges. He also ripped off Hodges' gas mask and exposed him to the chemical irritants the mob had sprayed, the officer said.
Another rioter grabbed Hodges' baton and hit him in the head and face, Hodges said, leaving him with a torn lip and an additional injury to his skull.
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