This New Kate Middleton Theory May Explain Why Meghan Markle Never Fit In with the Royals

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When it comes to the royal family, it's no secret that Meghan Markle wasn't received as warmly as Kate Middleton. Sure, she had her fans and supporters (the Queen herself, especially among them), but her presence created constant conflicts with the British public, royal commentators, and those within the family for whom tradition is particularly important. Part of this backlash was simply racism, an unfavorable response to Meghan's recent becoming King of Black UK. But a new theory of how Kate Middleton based his relationship with Prince William on Prince Philip could be another key to understanding why Meghan just didn't seem to fit.
Royal biographer Penny Junor was the one who connected Kate and Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's over 70-year-old husband. With William standing in line to be king, Kate has always been a silent follower, much like Philip positioned himself with the queen.
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"I think Kate is a bit like Prince Philip supporting the Queen," Junor told People. "She doesn't outshine William, but she still has a lot to say herself."
Sarah Gristwood, author of Elizabeth: The Queen and the Crown, adds that Kate's marriage to William has taken on an "old-fashioned" dynamic from the start.
"In a way, hers and Williams were a modern royal marriage, in that it was a love match," she told people. "But in another it's old-fashioned. She mostly appears to her husband as a supporting figure. "
While Kate's support from her husband has been admirable over the years, it is immediately clear how this model would not work for Meghan and Prince Harry. On the one hand, Meghan came into a relationship with her own celebrity and a global fan base. Regardless of whether she intended to "outshine" Harry or not, the public was inevitably more interested in what she was doing than in Harry's - a response that was probably poorly received by the royal family.
Aside from conspiracy theories, it would not have been impossible for Meghan to mimic the relationship between Philip and the queen - there is no evidence that it would have been a useful tactical move, or that Harry would have wanted to. Since Harry is not directly on the throne, he does not have to establish himself as the authoritative figure that William wants, or Meghan has to dedicate her public role to the rise of her husband, as Kate might want.
And given Harry's mixed past with the media, there's no sign that the ex-king ever wanted the limelight, a theory that was strengthened by his decision to leave the royal family with Meghan. In fact, Harry might have been secretly hoping to be the Philip of Meghan's Queen Elizabeth, a silent follower who is determined not to outshine his powerful leader of a woman. In any case, it seems more likely than that Meghan will take the same stance that Kate and Philip have taken.
In their new life in North America, Meghan and Harry will not be committed to any royal family tradition. But as Kate herself becomes a firmly anchored queen, it will be interesting to continue on the path she chose - and Meghan refused.
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