This Pop-Up ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Bouquet Will Complete Your Halloween Decor

Image Credit: Lovepop
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Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Burton is one of the most iconic Halloween films for all ages (even if the title includes "Christmas"). So it's only natural that we'd want to incorporate it into our Halloween decor, and we've got Lovepop's Seriously Spooky Bouquet in mind.
The 10.25 inch paper bouquet contains flowers and pieces from the film. It consists of red, black and white "roses", Jack Skellington's heads and hands, and green stems and leaves. The creation comes in a black and white striped pop-up vase so it can sit on your table or countertop.
"Everybody scream! Send these creepy-cute flowers to a friend who wishes for Halloween every day," the description reads. "Give your other half this seriously creepy bouquet as a gesture of your undying love. All die-hard fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will love this creepy feeling. "
You can order the Lovepop Seriously Spooky Bouquet online for $ 26. It comes in a protective paper envelope, and then unfold the flowers to bring the cool 3D piece to life. Who would have thought paper could create such an incredible work of art?
Last year, we weren't the only ones to admire Roseshire's "Nightmare Before Christmas" bouquet of roses made from real red or white flowers. Now you no longer have to worry about how long your bouquet will last because you can break out lovepops year after year.
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