This savvy couple saves over $2,000 on a single trip to Walmart by finding hidden deals—here’s how

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Angel and Manny cross the Walmart toy aisle for unreal deals. (Photo: Courtesy
Angel and Manny, a 40-year-old couple from Florida, were "always cheap" in their words. In fact, the couple are so thrilled with pennies that they become full-time bargain hunters - and their number one favorite shopping spot is Walmart.
That's because Walmart is a gold mine of hidden clearance businesses that nobody knows about - products that sometimes cost as little as 3 cents! When Angel and Manny get an offer they can't refuse, they usually grab all of the inventory and save a small fortune in the process.
The pair tell Yahoo Life that they saved $ 2,250 in a day by finding 50 weighted blankets during massive evictions - just $ 5 each, down from $ 50 less. Like so many of Walmart's secret sales, these products were directly available in stores but appeared to be at full price as their stickers weren't updated. Frugal shoppers like Angel and Manny thrive on hitting the clearance jackpot.
We needed to know more about the Walmart clearance shopping life and asked these smart parents of five children to share the secrets of their success.
Walmart + and the Walmart app are a bargain hunter's best friend
Walmart Plus offers Mobile Scan and Go, free grocery delivery, and fuel discounts. (Photo:
Angel and Manny's method is simple: they use Walmart's free mobile app for iPhone and Android. It has a built-in scanner that shows the retail price of each product, which is often drastically lower than what it says on the label or even on Then they log into their Walmart + account and use the "Mobile Scan & Go" function, with which the couple can pay for the transport and check out digitally - no contact required and no queuing.
A Walmart + account is essential for any Walmart shopper - budding bargain hunters or basically anyone who shops, shops, or even drives online. For just $ 12.95 per month or $ 98 per year (after that 15-day free trial), get free shipping from your Walmart store (including groceries!), Free next-day shipping, and two-day shipping if You place an order on (no minimum required!) And even fuel discounts. A Walmart + membership saves you 5 cents per gallon of gas at Walmart & Murphy stations.
Manny tells Yahoo Life that many of the items he discovers for theft using his Walmart app are completely overlooked. “They are so high at the regular price that the average person would walk right past them. However, when you scan them on the app, you find that they are actually being offered at a price you can afford them, ”he says.
Angel and Manny's Practical Guide to Making Secret Sales at Walmart
How do Angel and Manny actually make the magic happen? They say that to do business like this, they have to wake up fairly early in the morning - at the crack of dawn, in fact.
“Before COVID, Walmart stores in our area were open 24/7. Our best purchase was at 3 or 4 in the morning! “Says Angel. "But they have changed their hours since COVID. Now they open at 7 am, so we're usually in the parking lot at 6:40 am."
It may sound like a rude awakening to some, but the couple say that Walmart really is a treasure trove in the wee hours of the morning. You just have to know how to hunt. One of the couple's primary methods of spotting bottom deals is by checking UPC codes.
“When we scan the UPC code - the little code on the back with the numbers - with the Walmart app, we notice that sometimes two items in the same packaging look exactly the same. But if you look carefully, they have different UPC numbers on their stickers, ”says Angel. The couple discovered this little-known hack one day while scanning the code on a doll that was retailing for $ 45. They happened to scan the same doll right next to it and it was only $ 2.
“Both dolls had the same packaging, they were the same doll. The only thing was that the numbers were different, ”says Angel. Even the cashier was confused, but it turned out that these identical items were from two different programs. Walmart needed to make room for the new batch, so the duo got this "old" toy for just two dollars.
Take that away? If you find a product on Walmart that you love that isn't for sale, scan all of the items to be sure. You could be a hidden gem.
The couple also swear by seasonal purchases, claiming they've got up to 90 percent of mislabeled items just a few days after a vacation ends. This includes marshmallow peeps that they bought a few days after Easter 2019 for 10 cents a pack and have been keeping in their pantry ever since. This is the third year in a row that they have broken out these iconic little chicks - which happen to stay fresh for several years if left sealed in their packaging. "We didn't know either!" jokes Angel.
Real bargain hunters come to Walmart at dawn for big deals. (Photo: Walmart)
The key to finding secret stores? Skip the approval process
Angel and Manny made serious savings by scanning Walmart's hallways. The lowest price they ever had was 3 cents for fragrant Play Doh, which usually retails for $ 4. They also netted a ton of children's water bottles for a staggering 10 cents each. Originally $ 6 each, the bottles were so cheap that the couple bought 284 of them. You saved a whopping $ 1,638.
But they didn't find any of their bounty in the evacuation corridor - in fact, one of their top tips is to skip this section altogether.
“When people look for clearance at Walmart, they go to the clearance aisle, that's it. They can't find anything [they want] and then they leave, ”says Manny. “We go through the regular aisles. Yesterday I found a huge pillow from Better Homes and Gardens that was discounted to $ 1.50. And I ask myself, "How is it that this is not approved?". The hidden stuff is in the regular hallways. Because when they are in the evacuation corridor, it's no secret. "
Bedding was another bargain that the savvy duo couldn't miss. They filled up with good quality sheets and pillowcases - they sat nicely in the hallway at home - which were originally up to $ 59 each, but were reduced to just $ 14. Their total savings that day were $ 1,185 (they paid less than $ 150 for their transportation), and they came home with enough high-thread-count linens to last a lifetime.
From clearance shoppers to YouTube stars
Angel and Manny have honed their bargain-hunting craft so well that a year ago they decided to start a YouTube channel to share their know-how with other aspiring clearance buyers. There are already many followers on this channel, Angel on the Go, who use their Walmart apps to scan UPC codes directly from the screen. This is the fastest, most efficient way for Angel and Manny to share their findings with viewers. They are sometimes switched live on Instagram in order to publish their offers in real time.
The couple have been known to roam the aisles of other stores as well, but when it comes to secret sales, Walmart doesn't come close to Walmart. "I want to say that 99.5 percent of our videos are in Walmart," says Angel. "We're probably more in Walmart than we are at home. We love the prices, the Walmart app is so easy to use and Walmart + gives us great discounts when we shop online too."
Manny says, "The reason we started the YouTube channel is because every time we find a deal at a Walmart and check out, the cashiers look at us like we're crazy. Like, 'How did you find this ? ' So we thought, let's just start filming this to show other people. "
Over 10,000 people and counters are now learning the tricks of trading from Angel and Manny, and with their Walmart app and Walmart + membership, the possibilities are endless.
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