This seemingly normal condo has a bizarre stairwell feature: 'How is [that] even possible?'

If it feels like we saw everything with strange house lists - a mansion with a mini-village in the basement, a "normal" house with a kitchen on the subject of space - someone goes ahead on Twitter and discovers a bizarre apartment in which it is located to shame others.
This latest stunning listing was first discovered by journalist Brandy Jensen. Her Twitter post about the amazing house, released on June 11th, already has over 15,000 likes.
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According to the post, Jensen came across this listing in New Orleans when he "rummaged through Zillow again". (Anyone who says they don't casually search Zillow is a liar.)
"I'm obsessed with the mind behind the decision to place a toilet on the landing," Jensen wrote along with a photo of an apparently functioning toilet and a sink on a landing.
Brandy Jensen
I browse Zillow again and am obsessed with the mind behind the decision to put a toilet on the landing
9:08 p.m. - June 11, 2020
Twitter Ads info and privacy
2,017 people talk about it
Of course, people were disturbed by this bathroom, which offers no privacy.
"How is the installation possible at all ?!" asked one person.
"The fact that it's fully visible from the front door really gives it an extra kick," joked another user.
"Imagine the smell," added a third person.
If you want to buy a 1,650 square foot house in New Orleans with a toilet on the landing, you can buy this apartment for only $ 264,900.
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