This State Has Become the "Poster Child" for How Not to Handle COVID

Hotspot states across the country have changed over the course of the pandemic. In April, for example, the northeast bore the brunt of the virus. Then, in July, the rise penetrated south. Now one state in particular is being called on for its worrying coronavirus statistics. According to an expert, Wisconsin has become the "poster child" for how not to deal with COVID. Read on to find out why and to see what the pandemic looks like where you are. This is how fast COVID is spreading in your state.
"Wisconsin has become the showcase for how things can go wrong," Barry Burden, professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told NBC News on October 7th.
This new hotspot state has seen an explosion of new cases in the past few weeks. Wisconsin rarely exceeded 1,000 new cases in a day in August and early September. Now, in October, the state is seeing more than 2,000 new cases almost every day - according to the New York Times, it hits a new daily high for COVID cases on October 3, with 3,022 new cases in one day.
NBC News reports that Wisconsin had more than 33,400 new infections in the past two weeks, increasing the state's coronavirus cases by 50 percent - more than any other state except Texas and California.
The medical team nurse feels tired and sad because she worked to cure patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Young woman take a break, close her eyes and rest after hard work in hospital emergency.
In Wisconsin, the situation has become so extreme that on October 7th, Governor Tony Evers issued the order to activate a 530-bed field hospital. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health, only 16 percent of the state's hospital beds are currently available for use. Currently, more than 870 people are being hospitalized in the state for the coronavirus.
"We were hoping that day wouldn't come, but sadly, Wisconsin is in a very different, worse place today and our health systems are gradually being overwhelmed by the rise in COVID-19 cases," Evers said in a statement.
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But what caused Wisconsin's sudden explosion? According to Burden, a large part of it has to do with the political conflicts in the state. Evers, a Democratic governor, has been tried by Republican lawmakers for attempts to take precautions against coronavirus.
"Much of the problem arises from the terrible relationship between Evers and Republican lawmakers," said Burden.
In May, the Supreme Court of the state overturned Evers's stay home order. And just last week the top Republicans in the state filed a motion supporting a lawsuit against Evers' statewide mask ordinance. Evers said he also suspects that one of his recent orders to limit indoor public gatherings is also being questioned.
"If it is consistent with the past, we would probably expect a challenge in court," said Evers of his order to restrict the gatherings. "We believe we can meet this challenge, just as we believe we can meet the challenges of the current mask order." In the meantime, however, the numbers in Wisconsin continue to rise astronomically. And for other states with loose coronavirus restrictions, these states are currently doing the least to protect themselves from COVID.

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