This steam mop 'makes my life so much easier' — and it's on sale for just $100

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The iwoly M11 Steam Mop is available for just $ 100 (originally $ 120).
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When it comes to having a clean home, it's about working smart - not hard. Amazon Canada has tons of helpful cleaning tools and products to help you clean your home and floor thoroughly without hours of elbow grease and harsh chemicals.
The iwoly M11 Steam Mop is a simple and effective way to remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria and to thoroughly clean your floors including tile, laminate, carpet and sealed hardwood. This handy household cleaner is available for just $ 100.
iwoly M11 Steam Mop
The iwoly M11 Steam Mop removes 99.99% of all bacteria and germs without the use of aggressive chemicals. Amazon, $ 100 (originally $ 120).
SHOP IT: Amazon, $ 100 (originally $ 120)
What is it?
In addition to its range of affordable and powerful vacuum cleaners, iwoly offers a steam mop that can safely remove germs, bacteria, dirt and stains from the floor using just hot water.
The iwoly M11 Steam Mop has a 410 ml tank that can deliver up to 20 minutes of steam in 45 seconds, as well as two adjustable steam modes to suit your cleaning needs. The M11 also has a vibration mode that allows you to remove stains and dirt with the push of a button. Each unit comes with two machine washable mop pads, a carpet glider attachment and a measuring cup.
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what are people saying
Every Amazon buyer knows how important it is to read customer reviews before clicking "Add to Cart". The iwoly M11 has 220+ customer reviews and a 3.8 out of 5 star rating from customers who have found the steam mop to be a great choice for keeping small spaces clean and dealing with everyday problems in life.
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“This steam mop works very well. Much faster and easier to use than a mop and bucket, and I feel a lot better than not having to use chemicals since I have a cat and a young child, ”wrote one Amazon shopper. “I think it's great that it works on different surfaces. I can use my hardwood, tile, and carpeted floors. It's great that I can use one to clean everything. "
The iwoly M11 Steam Mop - customer picture from Amazon Canada.
"This is my first steam mop and I have to say that this product works a lot better than expected. It makes my life so much easier now." I have to admit that I am very lazy about house cleaning, especially mopping the floor with a bucket. As soon as that steam mop arrives I have to try and what it does amazed me, ”said another. "This steam mop is light, easy to use and the mop head can be rotated 360 degrees so that some hard-to-reach areas such as under the couch can be easily cleaned."
However, some customers have complained that maneuvering the iwoly M11 Steam Mop around the house can be a hassle - and may not be the best for cleaning carpets.
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“I've only used this steam mop a couple of times. One complaint is that the cable is too short so I have to unplug it four times. Then it takes about 30 seconds for me to start steaming again, ”remarked one Amazon buyer. “There is a lot of steam coming out, that's good. It takes a little muscle to slide the mop onto my wooden floor or tile. "
The iwoly M11 may not have the same brand awareness as its competitors, but it does offer decent cleaning power at an affordable price. If you want to avoid harsh chemicals and use buckets and mops, the iwoly M11 Steam Mop may be the best cleaning option for you as it only uses hot water to remove germs and dirt.
However, if you're looking for something that is hassle-free or cordless, this affordable option might not be the best solution for you.
The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.
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