This TikTok User Shows What It’s Like Behind-The-Scenes At Cold Stone Creamery And The Internet LOVES It

By Delish
Have you ever wondered about the inside of ice cream parlors? Well, a TikTok user is out here giving a behind-the-scenes look at Cold Stone Creamery's favorites - including making ice cream cakes and waffle bowls - and the internet is rightly obsessed.
TikToker @ djlemay2 may release the most soothing videos of Cold Stone Creamery's offerings. So far, the user has shared classics such as making waffle bags and trays. In addition to making ice cream cakes and cupcakes (who knew Cold Stone made cupcakes?), Did the user make mini treats and other non-menu items that TikTok users requested, such as a tiny banana split taco for Taco Tuesday.
Better still, @ djlemay2 shares other BTS treats about the popular ice cream chain, including pop quizzes that show what the store's name is. It even shows "the stone", also known as the cold surface on which the ice and mix-ins are crushed, and what it is running on. In fact, one person probably even joked that they should make a video scrubbing the toilet bowls ... and he delivered.
I have to say, as a former ice cream parlor worker, these videos are extremely soothing and delightful. The people in the comments are crazy about the content and say they watch it and are confused about how the videos are filmed based on the camera angles (both hands are always in the picture!). In any case, a TikTok commentator best describes the impact of these videos: "I feel extremely safe here."
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