This Yellow Lamborghini Aventador Just Crashed Into… Another Yellow Lamborghini Aventador

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There are few things that serious car fans have more fun than showing off their vehicles. And if they can roam the city with their similarly obsessed friends, that's even better. However, there are risks associated with this type of showboating, which two Lamborghini enthusiasts have learned the hard way recently.
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Earlier this month, the driver of a lemon yellow Aventador S left an almost identical Lamborghini on the streets of Singapore, Car Scoops reports. And as you might expect from the crash of two over-the-top supercars, many people were on hand to document the accident on social media.
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The harrowing accident occurred on Sunday, June 7, in the early evening, according to local information. The driver of the first yellow Aventador is said to have stopped at a traffic light on Sembawang Road shortly before a second yellow Aventador had plowed directly into the back of his double. At that point, the two drivers got out, removed the license plates, and surely wondered if the universe was laughing at their expense. The authorities arrived shortly afterwards and when the popular intersection had darkened, both cars had been towed.
While the streets of Singapore, like many other cities during the global pandemic, seem less crowded than normal, many viewers were still there to take photos and record videos of what was certainly a very expensive accident. Judging by the contributions shared on social media, the front Aventador appears to have suffered significant damage, including a broken rear bumper, side panel, and diffuser. In a video, a small fire appears to have broken out in the lead vehicle, which had to be extinguished with a fire extinguisher.

We know your first question: did the drivers know each other? That remains unclear, but we know that the $ 418,000 cars were more than a bit similar to each other. Although they're not identical twins, they're both painted the same shade of yellow, with black accents, matching wheels, and similar body modifications. In addition, the drivers looked remarkably calm considering what had just sunk.
While both drivers quickly removed their signs, a Facebook group called SG Road Vigilante, which appears to focus on making the city-state streets safer, identified both vehicles. The group fastened the battered front end as the same vehicle that had been involved in a reckless driving accident two weeks earlier, and cut off another vehicle elsewhere in the city.
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