‘Three soldiers took turns raping me in front of my children’

Warning: This article contains graphic content

Dozens of women were brutally raped over nine days by rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo, some in front of their children, with many still not receiving the necessary medical or psychological treatment, according to a report by Amnesty International. It is believed that at least 66 women, aged between 17 and 58 years, were raped, although the true number is thought to be higher. The M23 rebel group, reportedly part-funded by Rwanda, stormed two small towns north of Goma, where they raped women indiscriminately, killed those they suspected of supporting their rivals and searched for

Congolese soldiers and militia groups who had fled. Amnesty International accuses the authorities of failing to investigate the incident as “war crimes”. The victims of the attack are still living in terror and have received little medical attention, while some are still bleeding or experiencing sharp pain. Although some of the rape survivors have received basic medical care from community health facilities, they are in dire need of medical and mental health care as well as humanitarian assistance.

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