Tia Mowry’s New Selfie Shows Off Her Natural Gray Hair

Paul Archuleta, Getty Images
Tia Mowry hugs her natural hair in more ways than one. The sister, Sister Alaun, not only grows out her hair during her time in quarantine, but she also hugs the gray that grows out with it.
In an Instagram pic dated Oct. 5, Mowry shared a picture of hair growth after posting a similar selfie on Aug. 4, taken just under a month after her 42nd birthday on July 6th.
"All of you, my #fro is growing !!" Mowry added #naturalhair to her new post.
Mowry has kept her fans and followers informed of her growth progress during the quarantine period and has often shared her favorite products for styling her locks. Now we can see from this latest picture that Mowry's natural color is as good as the growth itself.
"I love how you hug the grays and your natural hair!" A follower commented on the post. Another added, "I love it !! salt and pepper." And another user praised Mowry for proudly showing off her grays - "Thank you for choosing the ones who haven't got the guts!"
At the start of the pandemic, Mowry regularly showed off her shades of gray (when we all sprouted a few gray hairs thanks to the sudden stress at home). She's no stranger to hugging the gray, however, as she's rocked a strand on occasion since at least 2017.
And Mowry isn't the only celeb to start embracing her grays in the past few months. Salma Hayek has shown her "white hair of wisdom" on Instagram - to be fair, Hayek has also done the gray hair for years.
Gray, white, salt and pepper - all colors that show maturity, intelligence, experience and a fulfilled life. And the more we flaunt our natural hair like Mowry and Hayek, the more normal and beautiful it becomes.
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