‘Tiger King’s Jailed Joe Exotic Fights For Donald Trump Pardon In Incumbent’s Final Days; Sues DOJ To Get Into Oval Office

Imprisoned Tiger King star Joe Exotic has brought the Justice Department on trial in hopes of winning an eleventh hour act of grace from the President with Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and other similar high-profile citizens.
"Joe Exotic wishes to require the US pardon attorney's office to comply with its ministerial duty to make a recommendation to the President of the United States regarding Joe Exotic's pardon so that the president can use his constitutional discretion in deciding whether to apply approve or reject, ”explains Exotic a complaint that Exotic filed under his real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage in federal court against the DOJ's pardon attorney, Rosalind Sargent-Burns, last week (read it here).
The infamous star of the Netflix filthy blockbuster documentary series, directed by Rebecca Chaikin and Eric Goode, is currently in his freshman year behind bars and is serving a 22-year prison sentence as a self-described "gay armed redneck in Oklahoma" according to Exotics' 257-page petition for pardon. Exotic was convicted of 17 animal abuse charges in 2019 for plotting a killer to murder his private zoo competitor Carole Baskin for $ 3,000.
After seeing his petition thrown in the bureaucratic trash by the DOJ in September, Exotic wants to take up the clearly confused former host of the Celebrity Apprentice in his public remark in April to take a look at an earlier, more informal pardon request.
"Joe Exotic asked the defendant through an attorney to send the President a notice and recommendation," added the short jury, who will be filing on December 16. “However, such a request has been denied and Joe Exotic has no other appropriate remedy. Therefore, Joe Exotic is entitled to an order compelling the Defendant to comply with a clear, indisputable, non-discretionary obligation to communicate Joe Exotic's pardon and recommendation to the President of the United States. "
Neither the White House nor the Justice Department responded to Deadline's inquiries regarding the lawsuit and the status of a possible pardon.
Earlier this spring, Exotic wrote an unanswered letter directly to Trump apologizing. He and his lawyer have since written to Kim Kardashian West (who was lucky enough to convince soon-to-be ex-POTUS to grant mercy). With a view to realpolitik, the captain of the Tiger King also let supporters around 10,000 US dollars on the lobbyist breeding ground of Trump International from D.C. splash to raise the rearguard's favor.
Additionally, the 6-page complaint from Texas is meant to be filed when you thought things couldn't get any stranger.
"Many people have come out publicly expressing their disagreement with Joe Exotic's beliefs and the ensuing verdict," claims Fort Worth attorney Francisco Hernandez for Exotic, 57. "Among these are members of the President's own family. Donald Trump Junior was an advocate for the pardon of Joe Exotic."
In fact, the big game killer Junior told SiriusXM in April that after beating up Tiger King in two sessions, he might consider advocating for Exotic's early release. His reasoning was less about justice than about the fact that it would get under the skin of the media and "I can only be for the meme in general."
Junior continued on Exotic, "It doesn't seem that he was completely innocent of anything. But when they say," We're putting this guy away for 30 years, "I say it seems kind of aggressive."
As Trump senior has repeatedly sadly made clear, a president can forgive anyone - and that on live television, as happened at the Republican National Convention this summer.
However, when it comes to apologizing, there are some rules to the game. Among the numerous tripwires on which Exotic's attempt was finally rejected by Sargent-Burns' office in early September is the fact that the detained petitioner is still in jail.
"No request for pardon should be made until a waiting period of at least five years from the date the petitioner was released from custody or, if no prison sentence has been imposed, at least five years from the date of the conviction of the Petitioners, ”says the DOJ's Guidelines for the Grace of the Executive. "In general, a petition should not be filed by someone on parole, parole or parole," she adds.
Oddly enough, hope for Exotic can last a little forever
Last week's lawsuit said Exotic's petition status is nowhere on the DOJ's website and it looks like it has never "ever filed a pardon or conviction". However, today's search for Deadline revealed that Exotic has a "Clemency Case File Number" and the status is "Pending".
Of course, as with so many things that affect the soon to be adapted Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness saga, everything is never so easy.
"The court hereby orders the plaintiff to amend his petition to include any documents on which his petition is based on or before December 23, 2020 and which are referred to in his petition," wrote Judge Mark Pittman on December 18 . Exotics attorney Hernandez did not respond to Deadline's inquiries on where things were with this refill.
Which means this could all be over before it really starts for MAGA announcing Exotic, or maybe Trump will just add him to the list anyway.
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