TikTok influencer shows off her mom’s massive ‘Barbie Dream House’ closet

Influencer Batsheva Hair is a fashion vlogger at TikTok who is no stranger to, say, a lavish lifestyle. The 27-year-old usually shares videos taken from her family's huge home or castle that they casually rented for vacation.
One of Hair's most watched videos is a simple tour of her mother's closet. The clip is kind of an ironic response to the haters.
"You have to stop making videos of your mother's closet," she says in a sarcastic voice. “We got it, she has a cool closet. We saw it come down to your size and turn. We know her closet looks like a store, her shoe rack is super cool, and she has every shoe imaginable. We saw the crazy accessories. You have to stop. "
The massive closet has clothes racks that robotically move forward that adjust their height and others that rotate. It's packed with designer clothes and a limitless shoe rack. Then of course the walk-in closet would not be complete with a shelf full of luxury accessories and handbags.
Haart's video has been viewed over 6 million times. It's certainly a way of seeing how the other side lives.
"If this was my mother's closet, I would never get out," commented one user.
"Do you live in the Barbie dream house?" another person commented.
"This lowkey looks like Hannah Montana's closet," someone added.
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