TikTok star pleads for help after son killed in Alabama shooting day before birthday

Saturday June 25th would have been Ophelia Nichols' son's 19th birthday.
But the beloved TikTok star, known as 'mama dead' and 'shoelover99' by his 7million followers on the platform, posted a video that day saying he was 'taken from me last night' .
Her son Randon Lee was shot and killed around 7:45 p.m. at a gas station in Prichard, Alabama, just outside of Mobile, police told local outlets WKRG and WALA. As of Sunday June 26, no arrests have been made and the case is under investigation.
Now Nichols is asking for help finding answers.
"I'm making this video for a reason — because I need your help," she said in the video, which has been viewed 15.6 million times as of Sunday. "I've never asked you anything before, but I need your help with it. There are almost 7 million people who follow me. Someone must know something.”
You will be found! You will reap what you sow in this world. You can't get caught now, but it's coming. I hope you see my sons face every day of your life
♬ Original sound - ophelia
Nichols wrote in a comment to her video that investigators "have a lead on two people" and said she "won't stop" until the person who shot her son is found and prosecuted.
"They live and breathe out there when my son isn't," she said in the video.
Then she held up a photo of herself and Lee.
"This is my son and you took him from me," she said. "Look at his face. Look at it. Because I'll never see it again."
She said she has a "hatred in my heart that I don't recognize".
"I've never felt hatred for anyone," she said. “This person took my son's life. He was just 18 years old. That's the best part in a person's life. And I know they're out there in my town. They are out there.”
She again asked for someone to come forward, saying, "Someone knows who did this to my kid."
"I'm asking for someone's help, anyone's help," she said. "This is my son. My son. My son. Please."
Police did not release any further details about the shooting as of Sunday, WKRG reported.
On her TikTok account, Nichols shares life stories and advice with her followers, whom she calls "Tatertots". She has three other children, a 24-year-old, a 21-year-old and a 20-year-old, she said in a previous video.
As of Sunday, nearly 375,000 people had commented on their TikTok offering.
"No mother should have to go through this," one person wrote. "I'm so sorry my heart aches for you. Your little ones are there for you.”
"I lost my son last year," wrote another. "And I know that no amount of words can heal this pain. So much love from one broken mama to another.”
"My heart is broken," commented another. "I'm so sorry, Ophelia."
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