TikTok user explains why we've been filling ice cube trays wrong this whole time

Every day is a school day. (Getty Images)
Oh, the humble ice cube tray. It can be used for all sorts of things, from simply providing ice cubes to seasoning our drinks with all kinds of strange and wonderful flavors.
However, we have to admit that we often stood at the sink and wondered why the design is not better.
All you can do is sprinkle water on the tray and hope for the best. Well, until now.
A TikTok user has opened our eyes to a new way of filling an ice cube tray, and it turns out that we did it wrong all the time.
"Am I just stupid or didn't anyone else know that?" The TikTok user asked.
"You should fill the water in these little flat spots on ice cube trays," she continued, to show how well the water flows into each tray when it is properly filled.
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Like many of us, the woman continued to show how she filled her ice cube trays all the time. It was about sprinkling water on the bowl and hoping for the best.
"I was years old today when I learned that," one user replied.
We too, random TikTok user, we too.
It seems that TikTok isn't just a place for funny lip syncs and far too good dance routines because lately these little life hacks have been appearing more often in the app.
Just last month we found an ingenious way to cut a cake. Spoiler alarm: It was a pair of pliers.
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While most people were overwhelmed by the fairly obvious way to use an ice cube tray, others had equally valid options to replenish theirs.
"Hold it at an angle down and fill it from the top, it's like a waterfall and fill up in about five seconds," said one user.
Yes, although this method is certainly preferable to the water jet, it still brings with it its unique challenges. Let's not forget how difficult it is to get the waterfall just right without everything seeping out below.
This new way of filling a tray definitely looks effortless.
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"I thought it was stacking them, or is my brain working now?" Another person pointed this out.
Others say that they "have been doing it for years", which makes the rest of us a bit stupid.
Luckily, the majority were with us about how revolutionary this little hack was: "THAT CHANGED MY LIFE literally," one user exclaimed.
We are with you.
We just want to know what's next. Have we tied our shoelaces wrong all the time? Maybe there is a better way to keep fruit?
We're all ears, TikTok.

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