TikTok users are dumbfounded by ‘life-changing’ hack for cooking grilled cheese: ‘No one knew?’

You may think you know how to flip a grilled cheese, but TikTok says otherwise.
At this point, TikToker are all too familiar with home cooking hacks. In the past, users have shared their tricks for separating egg whites with bread, slicing herbs with a cheese grater, and keeping vegetables fresh with scissors.
Now TikTok loses it to a new hack. A simple yet effective trick for flipping grilled cheese sandwiches.
The trick of basically holding the sandwich with a spatula and rotating the pan over it split users up in the app. Some said it was basically just common sense.
"Whoa nobody knew?" a user asked.
"Do you know what gravity is?" another joked.
Others, meanwhile, dubbed the trick "life changing".
"My whole life has been a lie," wrote one user.
"Who needs school when you can learn from TikTok?" another added.
So what is it To find out, Nick Rudzewick, producer of In The Know (and resident Food Boi) gave the hack a fuss. To see what happened, watch the video above or read below.
Is TikToks Hack the best way to turn a grilled cheese?
To begin with, Nick prepared a luxurious, high quality grilled cheese with a little cheddar and Gruyere. He buttered the bread (if you don't, is it a grilled cheese at all?) And added his sliced ​​cheese.
Then Nick went to a pan coated with olive oil. He put his spatula under the sandwich, took out the pan, turned it over, and placed it on top of the bread. Then voila! The flip went smoothly.
However, as Nick pointed out seconds later, it's probably easier to just flip your sandwich the normal way. However, if you want to get noticed, this hack is definitely worth a try.
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