TikToker reveals alleged disturbing secret about beauty products at TJ Maxx: 'That should be illegal'

A word of caution: always check the date of manufacture of any cosmetic product before purchasing it.
Unfortunately, as beauty blogger Canon Ryder pointed out in a recent TikTok video, many third-party discount stores sell beauty items that are extremely, extremely expired.
However, there is a way to verify that what you are buying is new. In his video, Ryder explains that all you need is the batch number of a product and determine exactly when it was made.
On the m.checkcosmetic.net website, Ryder searches for the date of manufacture of an Olay moisturizer sold at TJ Maxx. As soon as he enters the brand and batch code that is on the bottom of the product, he learns that the product sold at TJ Maxx was allegedly manufactured in January 2011. Just a reminder: it's 2020.
"Don't be fooled," warns Ryder.
Many users were naturally affected by this new information.
"That should be illegal," said one person.
"I don't even like cosmetics like that, but that's so interesting," added another.
"I just sent this to 10 people, omg," commented a third.
According to TJ Maxx's website, the company purchases products through multiple channels including department store cancellations, manufacturer overproduction, and end-of-season overstock. It's unclear why the store sells beauty products that are nearly a decade old.
Of course, not every third-party beauty product is phasing out. However, if you don't want to spend hours looking up manufacturer data, you'd better shop at large retailers.
Fortunately, there is a way to get 30 percent of your favorite Olay products year-round - and you don't have to worry about your products expiring when you order direct from the website. Win win!
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