TikToker reveals ‘life-changing’ hack for keeping your shower from getting dirty: ‘My mind is blown’

TikTok's latest cleaning hack offers a surprising - but, for some, "life changing" - use for Rain-X.
The trick that windshield wiper treatment uses to help with dirty showers is just the latest home hack that went viral on the app. In recent months, users have also shared their hacks to "revive" stale bread, make a homemade spice rack, and even clean cars with slime.
This latest hack is from user Vanesa Amaro (@ vaneamaro91). The TikToker has all sorts of cleaning tips and tricks on their side, but their idea of ​​keeping water stains off shower doors really seemed to hit a nerve.
"This is definitely a housekeeper secret," Amaro said in her clip. "And I just thought I'd share it with you guys because it's life changing."
The video begins with Amaro holding a bottle of Rain-X, a sprayable substance that prevents water from building up on the windshields of cars. Then she sprays Rain-X on a glass shower door before wiping it down with a microfiber cloth.
In theory, the substance prevents water from pooling on the door and leaving marks that can eventually stain your shower. Amaro used her hack on a glass door, but other TikTokers stepped in to say the spray is effective in sinks and other bathroom surfaces as well.
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Overall, commentators praised the hack, with many calling it “awesome”.
"My mind is overwhelmed," wrote one user.
"You are my hero," added another.
Others stepped in to warn that Rain-X could be dangerous to inhale and suggested that users be sure to wear a mask or ventilate the room after attempting this hack. Fortunately, there is also a version of Rain-X designed specifically for showers, which appeared to be the version Amaro uses.
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TikToker's post revealing a “life changing” hack to keeping your shower clean first appeared on In The Know.

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