Tire Roaster 1965 Dodge Coronet A990 W01 426 Is A Race Hemi Tribute

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This 1965 Dodge Coronet has the ultimate Mopar powerhouse and is ready to show the world what it was made for.
We have all heard the incredible stories surrounding the legendary 426 ci Mopar Hemi powerhouse. First, a car would show up on a track day surrounded by 440, 383, and GM / Ford dragsters with distinctive exterior and mechanical modifications. Next, automobile enthusiasts would watch the cars closely to know what is under the hood. Then, with the power of the Hemi V8, that one car would stomp over all of the competition like they were nothing. This car is a perfect example of the "take what's yours without excuse" mindset as it pays tribute to the classic racers of the past.
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As you can probably already guess, this beautiful 1965 Dodge Coronet is powered by a massive 426 ci Hemi V8. This car was a tough hit in its heyday, with features as ridiculous as the lack of inner wheel arches, a gas filler neck that sits behind the license plate, and some incredible performance gains. These performance add-ons include a magnesium cross-ram intake manifold, aluminum heads, and an aluminum water pump. Power is transmitted via an efficient and smooth TorqueFlite manual transmission with valve housing that makes the quarter mile a breeze. The thing is a racing car through and through, as you can see at first glance.
Many deletions were made at the factory, such as soundproofing, high beam, sun visors, armrests and the heating. If you have any doubts about the integrity or performance of this incredible '65 Mopar monster, those doubts are now gone. This car also has a couple of packages including the A990 Hemi engine and the W01 option which means it is exceptionally one of a kind. The insane vehicle is the perfect homage to the racing drivers and their cars, who god knows how many hours spent racing down the drag strip.
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