“Today” Star Jenna Bush Hager Shared The Unexpected Nickname Her Kids Called Her

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By Delish
Today hostess Jenna Bush Hager announced the nickname her children called her.
Jenna said her daughter Mila was nicknamed "Mr. Man."
During former President George W. Bush's tenure, Jenna was given a unique nickname by the secret service.
In Tuesday’s episode with Hoda & Jenna, Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb discussed the hobbies they’ve picked up since the coronavirus pandemic. Jenna joked that a lot of people started funny projects like crafting and baking, but her hobby is "just survive" when she tries to keep three young children busy.
Hoda had a reaction similar to that of a mother of two: "Watching Sesame Street and picking up all her ideas" was her hobby, adding that she and her daughter Haley Joy played the grocery store on Sesame Street.
"Yesterday we visited the grocery store on Sesame Street, so she had her cash register and she put it there and then we brought out the plastic fruits we have," said Hoda. "So I take my basket and go through and say," Excuse me, do you have any products? "And she says," Right over there, miss. "But do you know what's funny? She calls everyone" sir "."
This sweet little story inspired Jenna to share the unexpected nickname her children gave her. "If you call everyone, you know that my children used to call me for a while, Mr. Man? "Asked Jenna while Hoda laughed out loud." The first time Mila said: "OK, Mr. Man!" And Henry laughed and that was all it took. "
But Mr. Man isn't the first unusual nickname Jenna had. In her 20s, when her father's former president, George W. Bush, was in office, the Secret Service created code names for Jenna and her twin sister Barbara.
"It's so funny and I don't know where it comes from, but if you have Secret Service, you have a code name," she said in March today. "And my sister's code name was" turquoise "because her eyes are really beautiful and turquoise."
Jenna said her nickname was far from exciting and had caused confusion. "[It was] 'Twinkle'," she said, "which some people have mistaken for 'Tinkle'."
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