Todd Chrisley Slams Instagram Troll Who Made a Racist Comment About His Granddaughter

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Todd Chrisley, 51, clapped back on an Instagram troll that made a racist comment on his 7-year-old granddaughter Chloe.
Chloe is biracial and the daughter of Todd's son Kyle Chrisley.
The Chrisley Knows Best Star has raised Chloe since she was six months old.
Social media can be a dead end of hatred - and Todd Chrisley has made it clear that he isn't there for it. The Chrisley Knows best star recently closed an Instagram troll that made racist comments about his biracial granddaughter.
On Thursday, Todd shared a cute photo with seven-year-old Chloe, the son of his son Kyle from a previous relationship. Todd and his wife Julie raised Chloe after receiving custody at the age of six months after Kyle's fight against drug abuse.
"Quiet racism, I love how God made me, and it's enough. Today surprise guest Chloe accompanies me to a conversation about race and racism in America," he wrote in the headline. Chloe was a guest on Todd and Julie's podcast Chrisley Confessions.
While many fans raved about the photo and described it as “absolutely beautiful” and “precious”, an Instagram user left a racist comment about Chloe: “I'm sorry I don't like marrying your own color, it really kills the kids, "was the comment.
"I hope the Lord lets you live long enough to see that color doesn't screw up children, but ignorance and hatred will certainly do," Todd replied. "I will pray that God will temper your heart and that he will give you clarity."
Photo credit: Instagram
Todd reported in the recent podcast episode about raising a biracial daughter in the United States. "Chloe knows what's going on in the country. She sees it on the news, she sees it in our house, she hears the conversations that are taking place," he said.
Then he asked his granddaughter to remember what she had told him recently when they were swimming in a pool. "I have a black mother and a white father, and I love how God made me," said Chloe. "That's right," replied Todd, who then asked if she was happy with the color of her skin.
"Yes," Chloe replied. Todd made it clear that they are celebrating their skin color indoors. "We love it and it's beautiful," he said.
Although Chloe is only seven years old, Todd believes that she should be involved in such conversations. "You need to know that this country, this world, how you see it, will see you as black," he said.
"We have these conversations with Chloe because it is unfortunate at the end of the day when I was seven because guess what people, I did not have to have these conversations with my white children. Because it was assumed that they are treated fairly, "he said." I never had to have a racist conversation with my children except to say, 'Be friendly. Always be polite. Be polite. Skin color doesn't matter. What matters is how someone treats you . "
Todd said when they took custody of Chloe when she was six months old they loved every minute of it. "What would my life be without you?" Todd asked Chloe. "You would cry," she replied.
"She is our child. And we bring her up every day and are there for her when she's sick, when she's not sleeping well, to fix her food, or to take her to school, or to pick her up, or to make medical appointments. Dance dates, ”he continued. "Well folks, these are parents. I probably had 30, 40, 50 colored people who came to me and asked," What does a white man know about raising a black child? "And my answer was always:" I'm going to be Chloe love no other than her father Kyle, Chase, Savannah, Lindsie, Garyson. I will love her as well. "
"Love has no color," he said.
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