Toddler makes daring escape from her crib during nap time: ‘That look of pride’

This TikTok parent shared the moment her toddler amazingly escaped from her crib!
Mikaela (@momwantstacos) is a TikToker and mom-of-two recently shared a hilariously adorable video of her one-year-old toddler making an impressive escape from her crib while napping. The video, which has been viewed and counted 4.8 million times, shows the miniature escape artist climbing up the sides of her crib to create her amazing escape!
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The video begins with a shot of the one-year-old standing in her crib. The toddler leans against the bars of the cradle while lifting one leg and resting it on the crib's top bar. She levitates in the air for a moment, then begins kicking her other leg up to hit the first one. One caption reads, "When your baby discovers they can get out of nap time."
Toddler reaches up with both hands while maneuvering his legs over the edge. For a moment she struggles to free her legs from the cradle and begins to kick in frustration. Then she manages to free herself.
Toddler lies down on the crib, then grabs the sides and drops gracefully to the floor. She then braces herself in a chair before walking over to her mother, who filmed the great escape.
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The video ends as the toddler approaches her mother with a proud grin on her face.
Viewers were blown away by the toddler's adorable crib escape!
"Get her gymnastics," suggested one viewer.
To which Mikaela replied, "I thought so too!"
"That look of pride... What a cutie!" wrote another TikToker.
"My little girl does this. I ended up taking one side off her for her safety," commented one parent.
The talented toddler certainly has a bright future ahead of her, but whether she'll become a gymnast or an escape artist is yet to be decided!
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Toddler makes a daring escape from her crib during nap: "That Look of Pride" first appeared on In The Know.
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